Sorcerers These Days… They Got No Respect!

Flat screen magic wands, rabbit ears that are like bug antennas… You’d think with all of the sorcery in the world these days they might realise the magic that they possess. Normality eh? The late 1800’s brought us the radio transmission and changed the air forever. Never to return to a time when the air was silent, crystal clear and waveless. Calm water is a reminder of what I will never know. I was born into a world filled with magic and somehow this is normality. There were too many rabbits in that hat anyway.
God bless!

The Big Bang Thing about the Thing…

stars-cygnus-170711_imagelarge13.8 billion years ago the OBSERVABLE universe was created.  Does anyone have an answer to the things that we cannot detect?  How old is that stuff?  And how far away is it?  Passed the observable waves I propose. I am still unsure and completely out of the box trying to peak through it all with other questions like how big was the first atom and has it evolved since the expansion of what is observable?  If two elements, hot and cold were present more than 13.8 billion years ago wouldn’t that suggest an inner and outerness to our beginning begging the question, is that even the beginning? Maybe there was only heat…? Although… clearly, darkness has beaten the light to where it was going and still does so in an ever-expanding race to the edge of everything.  Darkness wins every time.  It was already there before any light had made it there, wherever there may be.  Darkness is cold, suggesting a hypothetical what the fuck?  How do you have hot without cold?  I picture a very large and infinite cold expansion on the outside of our observable universe.  I hate to be against the grain of trendy knowledge but I’m calling bull shit on the big bang and raising a theory proposing an infinite dark and cold expansion of time-space.  Light is to slow to fill the sky day and night. Too frail. Our beautiful everything will always expand or the seconds will grind into a cold and dark entropy.  The death of light itself, eaten by cold, dark expansion searching for more light to feast on.  Feast, we shall.  Without a field of darkness, there would be nothing for light to travel through allowing us to detect it.  Darkness isn’t nothing.  There has always been a something, even if humans confused it for nothing.  Nothingness is only a concept.  It will only ever exist in the imagination or in the form of some symbol or illustration.  Good old cold ass time-space being dark allows us to see that we’re moving into a bunch of room called space. Be sure to bring your flashlight or send a ping like a dolphin or a bat, just in case.  Just a quick recap, darkness isn’t nothing.  Darkness is a field or material that light and other things may pass through.

On the other hand… The big bang is what most choose to be true and so it is no matter how agnostic the theory truly is.  Because they chose it.  And for the other’s who snarl in the face of conformity!? Perhaps a nice bed in the nearest acute mental health ward could be a vacation from those who refuse to think for themselves… maybe, jus’ sayin’.


Ahyel is a sound spoken by Agnus Heredes in the spirit language of Æinglisch, meaning “Angel(s) (brother/sister) of high praise”.  It can sometimes mean “I need you.” but is mostly a greeting expressing respect for your fellow angel of high praise.  Ahyel are often guardians of the mentally ill during episodic periods of sickness.  They have devoted intention to calm the mind generating inner peace while warding off evil spirits that wish to harm the living.  They have a deep understanding of silent healing making it difficult to realize that you’ve been visited by the highly praised beings of light.  Seeing an Ahyel is very rare but catching a glimpse of one is said to give you good karma for the rest of your life.  They only appear to the most honourable of souls who deserve the blessing of positive fortune.   To become an Ahyel an angel must turn down the promotion of Archangel in humility displaying righteousness and equality for all of God’s children.  Humbled they decline to be an authority of mankind.  Praying for an Ahyel to protect you is perfectly acceptable.  Chances are that you already have several guardians who are devoted to your well being.  Have Faith!  🙂  A select number of seven Ahyel chosen by the Lamb are known as the Seven Spirits of God, however, there are many more who bow before the Kingdom of Heaven and were not chosen by the Lamb.  They are able to choose their own title that reflects their Ahyel spirit provided that their title is of a Latin word honouring the language of the church as well as the English reflected spirit.

Ahyel Titles and Reflecting Spirits:
Amare (Spirit of Love)
Pax (Spirit of Peace)
Pudoris (Spirit of Chastity)
Adfectus (Spirit of Emotion)
Canticum (Spirit of Song)
Hotel (Spirit of Wellness)
Munditia (Spirit of Cleanliness)
Libra (Spirit of Balance)
Promissum (Spirit of Promise)
Humor (Spirit of Humour)
Negotium (Spirit of Grievance)
Humilitatum (Spirit of Humility)
Familia (Spirit of Family)
Fiduciam (Spirit of Confidence)
Remissionem (Spirit of Forgiveness)
Honoris (Spirit of Honour)
Misericordia (Spirit of Compassion)
Imaginatio (Spirit of Imagination)
Logica (Spirit of Logic)
Lux (Spirit of Light)
Memoria (Spirit of Remembrance)
Reincarnatio (Spirit of Reincarnation)
Moralis (Spirit of Morality)
Amicitia (Spirit of Friendship)
Casus (Spirit of Adventure)
Non (Spirit of Being)
Est (Spirit of Is)
Benevolentium (Spirit of Benevolence)
Opinionem (Spirit of Belief)
Obedientia (Spirit of Obedience)
Ingenium (Spirit of Character)
Individuationis (Spirit of Individuality)
Ipsius Providentiam (Spirit of Providence)
Divinitatum (Spirit of Divinity)
Salutem (Spirit of Safety)
Mirabilia (Spirit of Miracles)
Expressio (Spirit of Expression)
Incrementum (Spirit of Growth)
Aequalitatem (Spirit of Equality)
Expedio (Spirit of Clarity)
Orationes (Spirit of Prayers)
Scripturam (Spirit of Writing)
Religionis Integrite (Spirit of Wholeness)
Libertas (Spirit of Freedom)
Eclecticismi Dispici (Spirit of Eclecticism)
Intuitio (Spirit of Intuition)
Decorum (Spirit of Propriety)
Fidem (Spirit of Faith)
Peperit (Spirit of Birth)
Veritas (Spirit of Truth)
Vita (Spirit of Life)
Sui Iuris (Spirit of Autonomy)

Summoning incantation examples.
1.  (Facing east, symbolic to the rising of the sun.  Not mandatory)
Ahyel.  I invoke Libertas spirit of freedom.  Bless me with your resonance and character.  Come now angel be keen.
(Repeat if you don’t feel satisfied or use a closing ritual of your choice.  Not mandatory)

2.  (Facing east, symbolic to the rising of the sun.  Not mandatory)
Ahyel.  I invoke Amare, Pax and Decorum spirits of love, peace and propriety.  Bless me with your resonance and character in the name of a Lamb slaughtered blood red.  Come now angels be keen.
(Repeat if you don’t feel satisfied or use a closing ritual of your choice.  Not mandatory)

3.  Ahyel.  I summon Sui Iuris and Veritas spirits of autonomy and truth.  Bless me with your resonance and character in the name of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.  Come now angel be quick.
(Repeat if you don’t feel satisfied or stop.  It’s up to you)

There are many more Ahyel Spirits in service.  The list provided here does not mention a great number of them.  I hope this list helps you to understand the mentality and work of Ahyel Spirits.

The Agnus Heredis/Heredes Schism.

cross of peter
The Cross of Peter is a symbol of an honourable death and a reminder to forgive at the request of Jesus and Peter.  Peter was crucified upside down claiming to be not worthy of being crucified right side up because that is how Jesus was crucified.

(Agnus Heredis/Heredes) Latin.
Pronunciation:  ahn-yose(Agnus) her-eh-dis/her-eh-des.(Heredis/Heredes).

The Agnus Heredis Faith is a syncretic Wiccan Omni-partisan and peaceful Catholic mono-polytheistic pantheist Christian construct denomination.  The beliefs of this schism weigh heavily on the understanding that we are all a part of the Lamb’s energetic influence and blessed blood. All followers, nonbelievers and sceptics are human and deity just as Jesus Christ was considered to be a man and a deity though one does not have to believe in Christ or any other god to be considered deity/human.  It is to the point of inheritance through Divine Providence where we are all sons and daughters of God Almighty and Earth, Moon and Sun.

Humility, chastity until marriage or indefinitely, righteousness, reverence, magical thought, telepathy/psychic stability and the right to express freely whenever the need is felt are all guidelines according to ‘Agnus Heredis/Heredes’ which is translated from Latin means ‘Lamb Heir/Heirs’ stating that Agnus Heredis believers are entitled to inherit The Kingdom of Heaven(s) as piety.  The name was chosen because of a belief that as Christians we all identify with Jesus Christ the Lamb of God through teachings and study.  Reincarnations can still exist even if the incarnate is of a fictitious or imaginary source.  Some claims have been made that Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene had been married but there is little evidence to suggest that this is true.   The Gnostic Gospels make reference to Mary Magdalene being the Saviours “beloved”.  If it is true then it is possible for the bloodline of Jesus and Mary to still exist.  As fiction, the story of Jesus and Mary being married and having children is the ultimate fable of love being triumphant over death and persecution.  It is an example of divine inspiration.  Perhaps this is why the idea is so powerful sparking the imagination of people everywhere.

The bible is a partially fictional canon with subtleties of truth written all throughout giving us examples of morality and imaginative freedom.  Stories of miracles open our mind and teach us to believe the impossible generating inner and outer liberation from oppressive spiritual limitations.  These limitations all to often take the form of religious laws designed to control the reader into thinking and behaving in a certain way.  Agnus Heredes rebel from the idea of religious law and organised religion.  The holy gospel could be considered a schizophrenic reality that took place within the “telepathic” minds of its authors.

Believers will often move forward and create their own branch of Christianity or perhaps a non-Christian role is in order (a faith that is suited to the individual’s prayer/meditation or type of worship).  This is perfectly acceptable, smiled upon and is considered to be a display of scholar and creativity.

As an Agnus Heredis, it is important to do charity and volunteer work when you can in the service of our Goddess Mother Earth and Her inhabitants both living/deceased.

Agnus Heredes will often challenge authority believing that one must keep a close eye on the authority figures of the day in order to ensure that these figures do not become obsessed with power, greed or other evil doings. This includes the active Pope and all that are in service to him.

The Hearts of Oneness and Duality in the union of acceptance.

Membership is not granted but accepted in the heart by the individuals wishing to gain Faith in the Agnus Heredis theology.  One does not have to renounce their faith although the option remains.   Agnus Heredis believers write their own individual prayers and expressions often used for meditation as a syncretic connection to theist and/or atheist ideologies.  Classic prayers and the rosary have not been dismissed or changed in any way.  All forms of theism/deism are accepted including arguments that are in opposition to Godly beliefs such as non-religious and atheist views.  This is so that the discussion of God and/or no God can maintain a steady building block and ice-breaker with the intention of finding a logical theology to such things.  Agnus Heredis followers have many ways of praying as each one of them are encouraged to create their own form of worship. This may include rituals from world religions not connected to Christianity.

Agnus Heredis homebodies do not often go to church for worship.  They prefer to worship and practise as hermits with the exception of charity and volunteer work although this is not the case for every Agnus Heredis.   There is no clear leadership within the Agnus Heredes unless you include the Spirit of the Lamb (Jesus), the Spirit of The Rock (Peter) and also the Saviours beloved (Mary Magdalene).  The current living Pope in position is held in high respects but holds no sovereignty over any Agnus Heredis.  Peter The Rock is still the foundation (Papa) and a deity who answers to the influence of Christ our Lord the deity.  Peter does this from the afterlife by praying for the ever-evolving enlightenment of the papacy at the request of Christ our Lord.  Mary Magdalene the Saviours beloved also plays a very important leadership role, however, her status as the Saviours beloved is only speculative and not written in stone.

The Agnus Heredes are not outcasts, they have chosen to follow the Blood of the Lamb on their own accord.  They have high respects for the Archangel Gabriel, God’s messenger who appears to the people and prophets of several religions.  They also have great respects for Ahyel (Angels of High Praise).  There is no way in telling how big or small this denomination is.  This is understandable as there are no paper or computer documents that will tell us just how many acceptions to the Blood of the Lamb have been made by believers from all over the globe.  Other religions such as Islam and Judaism have other ideas about Christ even though Judaism was and still is pivotal in the influence and creation of both Christianity and Islam.  All peaceful worldly religions are accepted and recognised by Agnus Heredes liberating the right to your beliefs and your freedom to express those beliefs at any given time.  Any violent group of worshipers are immediately condemned.  It is not uncommon for Agnus Heredes to have friends of many diverse races and faiths as they accept individuals for who they are.

wiccan-symbol-triple-moonThe afterlife for Agnus Heredes is very much in what one believes.  If you believe in Heaven then you will go to Heaven.  If you believe in nothing then you will go into nothingness.  ‘All are reformed and liberated from death’ is a common belief found in Agnus Heredis belief but this is subject to change according to the individual thinker.  Many believe that Faith is the major lesson surrounding teachings of the afterlife.

Agnus Heredes are not a secret society.  They have simple expressions of faith, insight, creativity, imagination and instinct toward our great and beautiful Goddess, the Mother Earth of whom Jesus made his stay.  Our sins will be absolved in acceptance to the Blood of the Lamb meaning that with Faith in the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit we can realise forgiveness and attain individual/collective spiritual enlightenment. “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”  John 1:29.

The practice of the imagination is believed to have a strong placebo effect on the human body in order to help us heal many sicknesses.  This is why Agnus Heredes believe that God(s) exists within the inner universe where you will find the imagination/thought and also within the outer universe where you will find Earth the Sun and the Moon.  Both the inner and outer spectrums are considered to be the reality that all things are made up of suggesting a metaphorical two-sided piece of paper.  Even though the paper is just one sheet, we will find two areas that we can write on.  This is called ‘The Indivisible Schism of Oneness and Duality’.  Nothing can exist without our two-sided individuality.  Agnus Heredes give thanks to this actuality on a daily basis by reciting/writing small prayers.  These types of prayer are kept sacred and are works of divine creative originality.  Mankind and deity are found in confidence of his/her inner and outer universal enlightenment.  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21.9b0d75f1-75ab-40e4-8bfb-ddf38026e368-404313696.png