Proof of Mind to Mind Communication.

for dummies;  Great minds think alike.
Where does a thought start?  In the root of your mind where your algorithms are currently deciding on how to move along with what to say.  Your algorithms are formulas and simple equations that govern the way you act and build personality.  Often these algorithms are remembered by affirmations.  They say everything you do starts in the mind.  How is this telepathy?  To put it to the test simply all one would have to do is pay attention to a different type of language.  Instead of listening to the sound of communication try to pay attention to how we react without the ability of words spoken or written down.  We become very primal in our advances and we can begin to see where the telepathy is located in the brain. The medulla oblongata is the part of the brain connected to the spinal cord.  It is used for breathing, heart rate, digestion and other things that we don’t need to think about.  Our body language when we’re not thinking about it may be the cause of our primitive communication ability.  We start to move our thoughts forward becoming aware of how we’re acting.  Two people aware of their actions can have simple communication by smiling to each other which when translated to english, means “I’m feeling good.”  In some cases empathy, a translation of emotions from another can be a simple form of telepathy.  Very primitive indeed.  We use it every single day.  It’s been built into us from the time of our birth by the teaching of communication all the way up to present day. Most of us are still learning new words, emotions, and perceptions.  We take pride in our ability to communicate and our time spent evolving has been very kind in helping us to see the way of living in our human form. For an actual factoid in nature that confirms telepathy to be a very real thing please read ‘Spirit’.  So, can people read your mind?  Yes, some people are very good at translating the things we do and say.  With an all-knowing primal language to fall back on, telepathy becomes very real and can be researched to the state of a psychic being who is able to tell future events simply by using algorithms or formulas that make up a future event.  It’s like doing math in your head really fast.  Yes, telepathy is real and all it takes to find it is a flock of birds.

“Emotions translated into sound makes music and sometimes a word, although left unspoken the word was still heard in mind for at least one.”

-This doesn’t even dive into the frequencies that can be heard from a human in any stage of life.  Dog whistles are a good example of how some information can be heard.  It’s the kind of sound that builds you a clairvoyant picture if you are unable to hear the words when in translation.  Inner noises, inner pictures, and inner film are all great examples of a thought in progress.  Meditation is often used to enhance these abilities.  The listening to of music and study of composition is a great place to start.

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