Sorcerers These Days… They Got No Respect!

Flat screen magic wands, rabbit ears that are like bug antennas… You’d think with all of the sorcery in the world these days they might realise the magic that they possess. Normality eh? The late 1800’s brought us the radio transmission and changed the air forever. Never to return to a time when the air was silent, crystal clear and waveless. Calm water is a reminder of what I will never know. I was born into a world filled with magic and somehow this is normality. There were too many rabbits in that hat anyway.
God bless!

The Big Bang Thing about the Thing…

stars-cygnus-170711_imagelarge13.8 billion years ago the OBSERVABLE universe was created.  Does anyone have an answer to the things that we cannot detect?  How old is that stuff?  And how far away is it?  Passed the observable waves I propose. I am still unsure and completely out of the box trying to peak through it all with other questions like how big was the first atom and has it evolved since the expansion of what is observable?  If two elements, hot and cold were present more than 13.8 billion years ago wouldn’t that suggest an inner and outerness to our beginning begging the question, is that even the beginning? Maybe there was only heat…? Although… clearly, darkness has beaten the light to where it was going and still does so in an ever-expanding race to the edge of everything.  Darkness wins every time.  It was already there before any light had made it there, wherever there may be.  Darkness is cold, suggesting a hypothetical what the fuck?  How do you have hot without cold?  I picture a very large and infinite cold expansion on the outside of our observable universe.  I hate to be against the grain of trendy knowledge but I’m calling bull shit on the big bang and raising a theory proposing an infinite dark and cold expansion of time-space.  Light is to slow to fill the sky day and night. Too frail. Our beautiful everything will always expand or the seconds will grind into a cold and dark entropy.  The death of light itself, eaten by cold, dark expansion searching for more light to feast on.  Feast, we shall.  Without a field of darkness, there would be nothing for light to travel through allowing us to detect it.  Darkness isn’t nothing.  There has always been a something, even if humans confused it for nothing.  Nothingness is only a concept.  It will only ever exist in the imagination or in the form of some symbol or illustration.  Good old cold ass time-space being dark allows us to see that we’re moving into a bunch of room called space. Be sure to bring your flashlight or send a ping like a dolphin or a bat, just in case.  Just a quick recap, darkness isn’t nothing.  Darkness is a field or material that light and other things may pass through.

On the other hand… The big bang is what most choose to be true and so it is no matter how agnostic the theory truly is.  Because they chose it.  And for the other’s who snarl in the face of conformity!? Perhaps a nice bed in the nearest acute mental health ward could be a vacation from those who refuse to think for themselves… maybe, jus’ sayin’.

Proof of Mind to Mind Communication.

for dummies;  Great minds think alike.
Where does a thought start?  In the root of your mind where your algorithms are currently deciding on how to move along with what to say.  Your algorithms are formulas and simple equations that govern the way you act and build personality.  Often these algorithms are remembered by affirmations.  They say everything you do starts in the mind.  How is this telepathy?  To put it to the test simply all one would have to do is pay attention to a different type of language.  Instead of listening to the sound of communication try to pay attention to how we react without the ability of words spoken or written down.  We become very primal in our advances and we can begin to see where the telepathy is located in the brain. The medulla oblongata is the part of the brain connected to the spinal cord.  It is used for breathing, heart rate, digestion and other things that we don’t need to think about.  Our body language when we’re not thinking about it may be the cause of our primitive communication ability.  We start to move our thoughts forward becoming aware of how we’re acting.  Two people aware of their actions can have simple communication by smiling to each other which when translated to english, means “I’m feeling good.”  In some cases empathy, a translation of emotions from another can be a simple form of telepathy.  Very primitive indeed.  We use it every single day.  It’s been built into us from the time of our birth by the teaching of communication all the way up to present day. Most of us are still learning new words, emotions, and perceptions.  We take pride in our ability to communicate and our time spent evolving has been very kind in helping us to see the way of living in our human form. For an actual factoid in nature that confirms telepathy to be a very real thing please read ‘Spirit’.  So, can people read your mind?  Yes, some people are very good at translating the things we do and say.  With an all-knowing primal language to fall back on, telepathy becomes very real and can be researched to the state of a psychic being who is able to tell future events simply by using algorithms or formulas that make up a future event.  It’s like doing math in your head really fast.  Yes, telepathy is real and all it takes to find it is a flock of birds.

“Emotions translated into sound makes music and sometimes a word, although left unspoken the word was still heard in mind for at least one.”

-This doesn’t even dive into the frequencies that can be heard from a human in any stage of life.  Dog whistles are a good example of how some information can be heard.  It’s the kind of sound that builds you a clairvoyant picture if you are unable to hear the words when in translation.  Inner noises, inner pictures, and inner film are all great examples of a thought in progress.  Meditation is often used to enhance these abilities.  The listening to of music and study of composition is a great place to start.

Prof. Stephen Hawking Says Alien Life is Real, Warns Humans NOT To Make Contact!

Extraterrestrial life, commonly referred to as alien life, is the life that does not originate from the Earth. Some cosmologists believe alien life ranges from simple bacteria-like organisms to civilizations that are far more advanced than that of human beings. Some exobiologists also suspect that alien life exists, although there is no empirical evidence to […]

Source: Prof. Stephen Hawking Says Alien Life is Real, Warns Humans NOT To Make Contact!

A Perception.

-Memories of a future life as if you are living a previous life.

It was the beginning of a creationist overture and living beings could communicate in perfect translation.  The languages had not been divided. Yet, all would be lost by time and space being a man made venture.  Surely an entity not from any individual planet could measure humankind’s grave existence with an out of the box opinion.  If only the human could find the right words to explain this beings existence, or accept such an entity into the realm of life.  To give birth to a new godly mass would be a triumph!  And so, our other worldly Godhead reigns unnoticed and unscathed searching for new frequencies that would cause light and sound manifest a new world with a new human keyword granting recognition of life to our once unknown alien friend. This aliens frequency of whom we live inside would make a great friend of our Mother Earth. Just as she agrees in a non-human vibration, she translates the world and sound of word for us leading us closer and closer to find more life in the universe.  “You just need to know how and where to look.” The Earth Mother would think conjuring human thoughts about life.  Man pondering life, takes credit for Her Majestic conjuring of thoughtful consciousness just like humans do best, as if somehow man were smarter than Her. Her with a capital H. Earth with a capital E. How uncouth of a courtship would that be?  How uncouth, Indeed?!

-Her gravity that pushes and pulls is a beacon that we must learn to accept.