An Overture into Peace and Equality

edited Sept. 10, 2017.  I, Kevin Charles Lambert have declared a state of anarchy not to be confused with insurrection or nihilism.  This instantly gives me the individual right to defend myself by assuming the highest down to the lowest ranks of man, woman and child.  This is equal in comparison to other anarchists around the world.  With this decision and many others like it,  PEACE is being demanded by every level of “self-assumed equal body” within said Earthly coordinates to leadership positions everywhere and more importantly, the individual.  There is no superior/inferior within the body of anarchy and a peaceful push from the leaderless anarchists hold true to the words of equality, a synonym not normally associated with anarchism, prosperity again not associated with anarchy, and above all else Love, the face of honour.  There will be no more war for me.  This is an individual revolution toward everlasting radical peace tides all over this beautiful abode we call a home, our Queen Mother Earth.  Radical in the sense that peace has never really been given a chance in the modern world we know today.  I have never voted for any leader in the modern world and I wave a symbolic black flag in honour to the radical social reform overture of peace that we all deserve in tradition to the freedom of expression and speech rite.  War is, in fact, an insurrection and to claim superiority over a people by violent means is nothing more than organised crime brought to you by the leaders that have claimed to protect you from it.
Long live the Queen Mother Earth and the right to express in full on free will.
One Love.
The Kevlonian Bill of Rights.  – One patients view of a stable mind and individual freedom.

Defend, defend, defend.