(3) Introduction to EEG – YouTube

The brain research of the modern day is becoming so brilliant that it makes me very hopeful for cures and treatments of many illnesses.  Also, the personal devices that are coming out make me very hopeful for new social technologies that will have a profound impact on our everyday lives.
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Boogie Board Review.

The Elusive Imaginary Bug Particle (ITOM).

Sketch your own symbols and add them to your media collection with Boogie Board.  The board itself is kickass and it’s a really basic idea. It comes with a nifty pen that allows you to sketch and then take a photocopy with an app on your phone. I used WordPress to upload it to the web for safe keeping. Pretty smooth…edit, not smooth.  Sometimes the app just doesn’t obey and it could be a lot better.  The board still rocks! Using gimp I was able to give it a transparent background and some colour. I’m definitely getting me a Blackboard. It’s new! (http://blackboardlcp.com/)


CSS reference

Use this CSS reference to browse an alphabetical index of all the standard CSS properties, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, data types, and at-rules. You can also browse a list of all the CSS selectors organized by type and a list of key CSS concepts. Also included is a brief DOM-CSS / CSSOM reference.

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