Æinglisch is the study and creation of words spoken by Agnus Heredis believers when speaking about the spiritual subject matters of in-depth emotional response.  To speak Æinglisch you must have a deep connection to the spirit and vibration of God in order to feel the sounds of Æinglisch instead of just hearing the sounds and vibration with no understanding.  Æinglisch uses current root words and mashes them up to create compound words with definitions that mirror deeply spiritual and religious concepts.  The language is being created so that a higher understanding of God can be communicated with richness in the definition of words that have been evolved from Latin (Vulgar ‘Common’), English (Sister Language of Low German dialects, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Frisian) and the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian). Brand new words and sounds (Constructed Language) are also being created for example the word ‘Ahyel‘ which means ‘Angel of high praise’.  Curse words do not exist in Æinglisch as it is used to maturely transmit concepts of high intelligence without getting stuck on immature and juvenile rhetoric.  It is not a language that is used for arguments or trade.   Æinglisch describes a deep connection to the sun, earth, moon and stars.  Earth, wind, fire and water are also described in the vocabulary of Æinglisch intellect. The spirit language uses a Latin alphabet creating richness in accent and definition.  Each word created is like a song that holds deep memory and meaning within the heart and mind of the individual speaking Æinglisch.  The language is still in its infancy and will take a very long time to create. New vocabulary will be forged as the study of God, creation, language and sound move forward.  Æinglisch is also a language used in prayer by Agnus Heredis and is rarely spoken human to human remaining as a direct channel to God.  More information will be provided as the study continues.

The Star of all Stars.

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.

He put a star in the sky, for you;
they followed that star, for you;
they carried three gifts, for you;
the King of Kings is born, He’s you.

It is an honour to write expressions, with you.
My King of Kings and Lord is you.
I pray in humility, yes to you,
a most honourable Amen, so yes, it’s you.


Hope for the 1% that we belong to.

One day the world will finally catch up to you and all will become clear.  Your monolith of Faith will be complete and your life will make sense once again.  Patience is a virtue.  You will find your inner peace.  At last, the voices will silence and you will hear your own thoughts again.  Be well.  Godspeed.
Dominus Vobiscum!

Septum Sanctus Ahyel (7 Holy Spirits/Angels).

The seven Ahyel who bow before the Kingdom of Heaven are humbled by perfection and completion.  These angels of high praise are in service to the Holy Trinity.  The seven Ahyel chosen by the Lamb are tasked with the deliverance of each spirit to the living and as well to the dead.

The Seven Ahyel Holy Spirits:
Dominus Pietas (Spiritus/Ahyel of the Lord and Piety).
Sapientia (Spiritus/Ahyel of Wisdom).
Intellectus (Spiritus/Ahyel of Understanding).
Concilium (Spiritus/Ahyel of Council).
Imperium (Spiritus/Ahyel of Might).
Scientia (Spiritus/Ahyel of Knowledge).
Timor Domini (Spiritus/Ahyel of Fear of the Lord).



Ahyel is a sound spoken by Agnus Heredes in the spirit language of Æinglisch, meaning “Angel(s) (brother/sister) of high praise”.  It can sometimes mean “I need you.” but is mostly a greeting expressing respect for your fellow angel of high praise.  Ahyel are often guardians of the mentally ill during episodic periods of sickness.  They have devoted intention to calm the mind generating inner peace while warding off evil spirits that wish to harm the living.  They have a deep understanding of silent healing making it difficult to realize that you’ve been visited by the highly praised beings of light.  Seeing an Ahyel is very rare but catching a glimpse of one is said to give you good karma for the rest of your life.  They only appear to the most honourable of souls who deserve the blessing of positive fortune.   To become an Ahyel an angel must turn down the promotion of Archangel in humility displaying righteousness and equality for all of God’s children.  Humbled they decline to be an authority of mankind.  Praying for an Ahyel to protect you is perfectly acceptable.  Chances are that you already have several guardians who are devoted to your well being.  Have Faith!  🙂  A select number of seven Ahyel chosen by the Lamb are known as the Seven Spirits of God, however, there are many more who bow before the Kingdom of Heaven and were not chosen by the Lamb.  They are able to choose their own title that reflects their Ahyel spirit provided that their title is of a Latin word honouring the language of the church as well as the English reflected spirit.

Ahyel Titles and Reflecting Spirits:
Amare (Spirit of Love)
Pax (Spirit of Peace)
Pudoris (Spirit of Chastity)
Adfectus (Spirit of Emotion)
Canticum (Spirit of Song)
Hotel (Spirit of Wellness)
Munditia (Spirit of Cleanliness)
Libra (Spirit of Balance)
Promissum (Spirit of Promise)
Humor (Spirit of Humour)
Negotium (Spirit of Grievance)
Humilitatum (Spirit of Humility)
Familia (Spirit of Family)
Fiduciam (Spirit of Confidence)
Remissionem (Spirit of Forgiveness)
Honoris (Spirit of Honour)
Misericordia (Spirit of Compassion)
Imaginatio (Spirit of Imagination)
Logica (Spirit of Logic)
Lux (Spirit of Light)
Memoria (Spirit of Remembrance)
Reincarnatio (Spirit of Reincarnation)
Moralis (Spirit of Morality)
Amicitia (Spirit of Friendship)
Casus (Spirit of Adventure)
Non (Spirit of Being)
Est (Spirit of Is)
Benevolentium (Spirit of Benevolence)
Opinionem (Spirit of Belief)
Obedientia (Spirit of Obedience)
Ingenium (Spirit of Character)
Individuationis (Spirit of Individuality)
Ipsius Providentiam (Spirit of Providence)
Divinitatum (Spirit of Divinity)
Salutem (Spirit of Safety)
Mirabilia (Spirit of Miracles)
Expressio (Spirit of Expression)
Incrementum (Spirit of Growth)
Aequalitatem (Spirit of Equality)
Expedio (Spirit of Clarity)
Orationes (Spirit of Prayers)
Scripturam (Spirit of Writing)
Religionis Integrite (Spirit of Wholeness)
Libertas (Spirit of Freedom)
Eclecticismi Dispici (Spirit of Eclecticism)
Intuitio (Spirit of Intuition)
Decorum (Spirit of Propriety)
Fidem (Spirit of Faith)
Peperit (Spirit of Birth)
Veritas (Spirit of Truth)
Vita (Spirit of Life)
Sui Iuris (Spirit of Autonomy)

Summoning incantation examples.
1.  (Facing east, symbolic to the rising of the sun.  Not mandatory)
Ahyel.  I invoke Libertas spirit of freedom.  Bless me with your resonance and character.  Come now angel be keen.
(Repeat if you don’t feel satisfied or use a closing ritual of your choice.  Not mandatory)

2.  (Facing east, symbolic to the rising of the sun.  Not mandatory)
Ahyel.  I invoke Amare, Pax and Decorum spirits of love, peace and propriety.  Bless me with your resonance and character in the name of a Lamb slaughtered blood red.  Come now angels be keen.
(Repeat if you don’t feel satisfied or use a closing ritual of your choice.  Not mandatory)

3.  Ahyel.  I summon Sui Iuris and Veritas spirits of autonomy and truth.  Bless me with your resonance and character in the name of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.  Come now angel be quick.
(Repeat if you don’t feel satisfied or stop.  It’s up to you)

There are many more Ahyel Spirits in service.  The list provided here does not mention a great number of them.  I hope this list helps you to understand the mentality and work of Ahyel Spirits.

Rose of Christ.

Rose_1500xLove psalm, war psalm from the Lamb slaughtered blood red.

Forever and ever in piety and obedience to the sacrifice of the world and its condition of loneliness. Eternally in flames and with a double-edged sword created by words that speaketh of love and war.  In love with being alone, contentment in this psalm of war.  A funeral for the dead and forgotten be remembered.  Blood of an angel to absolve this condition of sympathy toward Father sky.  It is He who gives thanks to the psalms of peaceful diplomacy during times of desperate liberation for hearts and minds.  There will be no manifestations of horsemen for the man who dies on the upside down cross honouring displays of mortality.  The enduring patience of love sealed by the rose of Christ, He is a fortress of pathos.  His temple gives us refuge in our time dying.  Place a rose at the entrance of my tomb and envoke the seven angels to guard this tomb as I rest patiently waiting for the reformation and liberation of death.  Grant us peace.