Thought Bubbles and Imagination. (more on ITOMS)

Imaginary wave-particles called itoms.  Pronounced like eyetom. From English -i “I”, “eye”, “imaginary” + From Latin tom “tomós”, “divided”. Magic in the imagination explained to a simplified theory.  Basically, imagine a ball of imaginary clay that you can program with your mind and you might find an interesting new language for you to think in.  Here is what I came up with… I was bored.

The Elusive Imaginary Bug Wave/Particle (ITOM).

A mass of 0* if 0* is a placeholder for “imaginary matter”.  0* is not zero. it is more like a – symbol.  Measured in itoms (IMAGINARY DIVISIBLE/MULTIPLIABLE UNITS).  Child itoms are contained by 0 which is the parent itom.  A parent itom can also have a parent itom and be part of a child itom clump. 0’s within 0’s within 0’s and so on.  Containers containing more containers that contain you guessed it, containers. Just like the universe, there is one supreme parent container that holds the entire thought being thunk.  Each and every itom is programmed to communicate “what” and “where” along with its outgoing senses seamlessly to its neighbouring matter of thought, all of the time.  This communication is repeated flawlessly to keep up with the physics of our simulator state of mind.  For example, a rock is always communicating exactly what and where it is with its body language.  If one rock is kicked it will communicate every step of the way exactly what is happening simply by its body language and composition.  Neighbouring rocks instantly confirm the new position if they are affected by the movement.  Everything is communicating with everything or it would all cease to exist.  It would fall through itself and life would never be.  Yes, rocks are living 🙂

Itomic Definitions.
Itomic mass is always 0*followed by the number of itoms contained.
0* containing 7 itoms = an itomic definition (in this case, mass) of 0*7.
0* containing 7 itoms with a density value of 1 to each of the 7 = an itomic definition (in this case, mass) of 0*7+ρ7.
0* containing 7 itoms with a density value of 1 set to 1 of the 7 = an itomic definition (in this case, mass) of 0*7+ρ1.

0+red*7 = containing 7 itoms with an itomic definition (in this case, colour) of the colour red.
0*7+red = containing 7 itoms with an itomic definition (in this case, colour) of red.  The parent itom has no colour communicated remaining colourless.
0*7+red, 7+blue +ρ1, 3+binary = containing 14 itoms with the itomic definition (in this case, mass, colour and density) of 7 being red with no density, the other 7 are blue with a density value of 1 unit added to one blue itom.  At the end of the string, we find 3 itoms are all filled with a binary code describing the three itoms. (ex, 0*1/3 + binary [01000011011011110110010101101101011001110110010101101110011101010111001100001010]).  This code describes one of three itoms as the title of “Coemgenus” which is Latin for “Kevin” in English.  Clumped child itoms that need more itomic definition are written directly under the parent itom.  Parent itoms are separated by one empty line.

Just like writing a book… descriptions, values and words define each and every itom manifested into imaginary existence.  This allows for any encryption or decryption, as well as any language to be used when describing in detail, itomic definition.  Your own itomic definitions will be completely original as you would have used your own vocabulary and skill set.  This creates a fingerprint-like quality to the composition that you created.

1* is not one. It is more like an endless string of + symbols.
1* is impossible to reach and is considered ∞.  1* is much too big of a containment cell and is not used.
1* is equal to ∞ which means that if you can reach an itomic mass of 1* (which you can’t) then it is without a doubt the most whole itom that could ever be in existence.  100% of 1* is like one complete lap around a track while stopping to register every rock, stone, grass blade and flower etc… along the way with no finish line.  Right down to the very last grain of sand (which is impossible because there will never be one last grain of sand).  Divinity is always and forever.  An itomic mass of 1* communicates “I am here, I am everything, I am eternal” in a stream of endless information which is why we use 0* for our editable bit of bits.  Without 1*, 0* could never exist.  It is the engine in which thought can manifest.

0* containing no itoms or information is just a placeholder without any values set.  Basically, it’s a spot/blotch that doesn’t contain anything but an illustration of nothing.  Removing 0 from existence will close/deactivate the spot/blotch.

All of this can only be imagined.  These types of hypothetical wave-particles are found only from within and remain in a fictional state until proven otherwise.  It isn’t necessary to follow this scheme, after all, it is only my imagination running away with itself.


Æinglisch is the study and creation of words spoken by Agnus Heredis believers when speaking about the spiritual subject matters of in-depth emotional response.  To speak Æinglisch you must have a deep connection to the spirit and vibration of God in order to feel the sounds of Æinglisch instead of just hearing the sounds and vibration with no understanding.  Æinglisch uses current root words and mashes them up to create compound words with definitions that mirror deeply spiritual and religious concepts.  The language is being created so that a higher understanding of God can be communicated with richness in the definition of words that have been evolved from Latin (Vulgar ‘Common’), English (Sister Language of Low German dialects, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Frisian) and the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian). Brand new words and sounds (Constructed Language) are also being created for example the word ‘Ahyel‘ which means ‘Angel of high praise’.  Curse words do not exist in Æinglisch as it is used to maturely transmit concepts of high intelligence without getting stuck on immature and juvenile rhetoric.  It is not a language that is used for arguments or trade.   Æinglisch describes a deep connection to the sun, earth, moon and stars.  Earth, wind, fire and water are also described in the vocabulary of Æinglisch intellect. The spirit language uses a Latin alphabet creating richness in accent and definition.  Each word created is like a song that holds deep memory and meaning within the heart and mind of the individual speaking Æinglisch.  The language is still in its infancy and will take a very long time to create. New vocabulary will be forged as the study of God, creation, language and sound move forward.  Æinglisch is also a language used in prayer by Agnus Heredis and is rarely spoken human to human remaining as a direct channel to God.  More information will be provided as the study continues.

The Star of all Stars.

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.

He put a star in the sky, for you;
they followed that star, for you;
they carried three gifts, for you;
the King of Kings is born, He’s you.

It is an honour to write expressions, with you.
My King of Kings and Lord is you.
I pray in humility, yes to you,
a most honourable Amen, so yes, it’s you.


Overturian Translation of Hertz (Hz).

This symbol is the non-sounding Overturian word equivelent to hertz or Hz in English.  One cycle per second,cb945e68-151a-42d7-980e-3eb2dab076171653364542.png however no human has ever been able to document or compare the Overturian second to that of the human’s second.  Claiming to have heard the sound of 1 Hz is a common trait of the Overturian.  The whole two.