Zero New Positive COVID-19 Tests in Renfrew County.

There are official reports of Renfrew County currently having zero new cases of COVID-19 which is an extraordinary success in the eyes of many. I am local to Renfrew County and I am proud to say that we are working as a team communicating to each other as random strangers just to make sure everyone in the area is being safe and healthy.

It also warms my heart to see people taking social distancing very serious and yet, everyone remains in a positive mindset communicating to each other with “thank you” and “pardon me miss/sir”. It’s important to remember that “when the fire dies you think it’s over but it’s just begun” with flu season on the way. Keep up the good fight and hold steady. Renfrew County is setting a positive example for not just in Canada but also in the rest of the world. I’ve always said that the NHL team that communicates the most is the team that will win the Stanley Cup. So let’s keep up to date and talk about what is important rather than trying to deny truths that we should all be aware of. Once again, thank you for all that you’ve been doing to keep others and yourself in good health, front-line workers as well. I commend all of you.

“Deprived of Their Childhood” – Pope Francis

Friday June 12, 2020 makes World Day Against Child Labour. “In the current health emergency situation, in several countries many children and young people are forced into jobs that are inappropriate for their age in order to help their families in conditions of extreme poverty.” Pope Francis explained.

“We are all responsible for the scourge of child labour.” His Holiness appealed to the international community to protect boys and girls who are forced into child labour losing their childhoods and more.

For more words of His Holy Father please visit for the official release.

Racist Statues and Monuments

Racist monuments, statues and streets are being defaced, torn down and renamed after the widespread solidarity shown in the last few weeks of demonstration all over the world frowning on police brutality and racism while protesters demand justice and in some cases, demanding and threatening to abolish the police departments in there area altogether.

The defacing and tearing down of monuments and statues is not a new happening by any means. Confederate and other debated statues and monuments have been taken down before on many occasions. The vandalism and protests toward racist monuments is as old as the monuments themselves. In the struggle for freedom, monuments and statues as well as historical tributes remain a front line in the fight for a free world. Times are changing and this is is a sign of the times.

Widespread Solidarity

Protests outside the white house with President Trump inside have reached the largest anti-racism and anti-police brutality demonstration during the last week of assembly. Protesters are also opposed to the way Trump has been handling the growing situation.

I’m reminded of 2016 when American athletes took a knee during the United States national anthem in protest of racism and police brutality. In solidarity protesters in many cities have been taking a knee which is proving to be a very effective strategy in every place where there is indignation due to the injustice of racism and police brutality. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada took a knee. Many leaders and even police officers in several cities have joined the protesters in support of the cause.

Ottawa Protests a Display of Grace

Peaceful and calm appeared the black masked Prime Minister himself as he joined the people in defiance against racism proving that he is no different than any of us confirming compassion and leadership at the Ottawa, Canada protests in support of civil rights.

It is with my greatest Canadian pride to hear that the protests in Ottawa remained peaceful as thousands took to the streets in order to grind out a solution to the very old problem of racial inequality.

If anything changes pertaining to the keeping of peaceful protests then updates will be submitted on a daily basis. Updates can be found on The Current Wave page. Don’t forget to check the major news resources for more detailed coverage about the unfolding situation that is gripping the entire planet.

War Condemned!

I teared up again today when I learned of a Saudi Arabian missile strike that killed dozens of children in Yemen.  I have no words to express which is why I’m keeping this post as short as possible.  All I can say is that all warmongers are condemned and I pray for the peace and wellness for families from all parts of the Earth.  Any violent offensive action is a step backwards and It’s time to realise that we all are part of the same world. This civil war of OUR planet needs to stop immediately!  I feel dead inside trying to write about this subject.  Shame on them!