True North Strong and Free

Some Canadians are claiming that Prime Minister Trudeau is limiting or completely taking away our freedom. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers that fought for our freedom would be extremely upset with comments like this. These thinkers that claim our freedom is at risk also claim that the Prime Minister owns the media and is suppressing the free press yet here I am using my right to free speech and I have yet to hear of anyone being thrown in jail without a fair trial for speaking their mind. I have also yet to hear that the PM is invoking a supreme leadership position which would undermine all of the other parties in the house.

Any soldier will tell you that freedom comes with sacrifice. I wonder how those soldiers feel when they hear that our freedoms are being taken away from us by a leader who supports the right to assemble and demonstrate while joining those demonstrations in a display of solidarity for the people by the people. Syrian refugees that have fled to Canada say that Canada is like Heaven compared to what they have experienced in war-torn Syria. Truth be told we are very lucky and blessed to have a system that prevents leadership from oppressing the people that live in it. In a world-wide-web society, it would be impossible for one party to own the free press as social media gives us the platform to speak our minds and organize peaceful demonstrations. I’m quite positive that all leaders in Canada understand the importance of the free press after-all, they do take questions every day from many different people who intend to keep leadership on their toes with every right and responsibility to do so. Have a beautiful Canada Day and God bless!

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