Disbelief Has No Place At The Table

So a friend of mine posted an article stating that COVID-19 has the same fatality rate as seasonal influenza… The problem with this is that it isn’t even flu season yet and from what I hear about the United States death toll and surging case reports after reopening, it isn’t looking good. To help you understand my view, when is the last time you heard of an entire residence at an old age home dying from the flu? If this sort of thing does happen why aren’t we informed or why haven’t we heard it through the grapevine in passing conversation. When the second wave hits during flu season I pray that we will have finally realized that disbelief has no place at the table. I’m ashamed to have a friend that refuses to follow any logic and be safer than sorry. Maybe they’re just too afraid to admit that something bigger than their own ego is happening. These types of people always blame the government for trying to control us and lie to us yet… they probably voted which supports all governing democratic bodies currently seeking as many seats in the house as possible. The only thing wrong with democracy is the people of disbelief and fear thinking they know better than the people in charge who have made it their life’s work to understand and properly lead.

I have so much more I could say about the ridiculous posts of this friend I speak of but I fear it will only lead to an argument that makes no sense.

This is just a rant and I am sorry if I offended anyone during my bout of frustration. I also apologize if you didn’t understand my words. 😛

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