A New Perspective of Dimension.

1st dimension. One horizonal line relative to linear time which is carried forward into the next dimensions.

2nd dimension. A square, width ad height. Up/down, left/right. X,Y axis.

3rd dimension. A cube, 6 faces. Up/down, left/right, forward/backward. X,Y,Z axis.

Arguably the so called “4th dimension” (Æitómós). 2d illusion of spatial 3d with 6 lines of travel. Up/down, right/left, forward/backward, tunnel in/out, teleport and layers. U,V,W,X,Y,Z axis/abilities. Tunnel in/out is digging into the fabric of the Æitomós of the same plain in any direction. Teleportation (wormhole/portal/magic door) is jumping from one coordinate to another that is not near the original coordinate on the same plain or to a completely different plain. Layers allow several sets of existence to take place on the same plain with the option to view or not view certain layers. Like a photo editing program layers are used to view all, a few, one or no objects/people which all corresopond to their own layer or a group layer of objects and/or people. The default layer is 3d Earth. *Note, this dimension only works as described when in daydream, dream, in reverie or on a spirit plain.

Anything after Æitómós is actually just an illustration of other dimensions created by the ability to brainstorm with the Æitómós Hypostasis projection of sense, mind, and matter.

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