Liberate My Insides!

Inside nightmare, outside Heaven. If Heaven could invade we would be saved. Evil devil, good God. God give me salvation. Let the devil keep his freewill so that he may be held accountable for the unspeakable horrors that he conjures. Atrocities he commits! Reformation and liberation for all who oppose his decaying culture of sin.

Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, grant us peace.

We’re growing old. (Gettin’ Bigger!)

Polyverse, universe, galaxy, solar system along with everything in between and unseen. I’m so in love with all of it. Storm of existence… You made me into a beautiful frequency of a happening and happen is what I will do for you. Getting old, getting big. The first to climb another state of mind. To be farther than the rest can see, dropping breadcrumbs to aid me on my way back to them. Addicted to what I thought was a void. It’s rich with contents I’ve found. Not much of a void after all. This is good news! Rejoice! ‘Great Day’ as sung by Sarah Vaughan slips into mind. “Some early morn you will hear his horn rootin’ tootin’.” Age of enlightenment endarken me with your casted shadows again and play me my favourite song while you do it. I’ll tell them I love them, again. I’ll make more pie, again. I’ll master my existence again and promise not to peak. To speak only what I know and nothing more. Disillusioned. One billion armies of one with a dual citizenship of mind and matter and supreme authority over the spacetime they occupy. Only about six and a half billion more armies to recognize and “It’s going to be a great day!”. indexed. The power of one is the power of many. Monopolytheology.