Passages of, Expressions (Declaratio) Agnus Heredis.

‘We must find contentment in the pain that we will never know.’
-It is ok not to understand certain kinds of pain even though we want to relate with each other.  Ignorance is inevitable in some cases as we all have our own pain with a different story to each and every pain that we experience.  It is important to understand that empathy is often your own feeling about another person when trying to relate and is not the exact same feeling of another.  Acceptance that we all have our very own experiences is something that we learn as we grow into individuals.  It’s not necessary to experience pain that we will never understand.  For example, one may never understand the pain of losing a child.  It is ok if you cannot relate to this kind of pain as you may have never had the experience.

‘Scars weren’t meant to be covered up, they tell a story of historical accuracy.  To cover up a scar is to cover up the truth.  Uncover your scars and accept the past for what it is.  Accept that we all have scars.’
-Even though we may want to forget the negative happenings of our past it is important to recognise the truth that remains within our history.  We learn from our mistakes and our hardships.  We mustn’t let our demons dictate our lives as we face them head-on.  Everyone can remember a time when they once hurt, either physically or mentally.  We’re not alone.


…in continuation…

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