We Shall Fight in Space.

It was Churchill who gave the infamous “We shall fight them beaches…” speech.  Now, in 2018 we prepare ourselves for war in space.  Satellites suspected to be built for attack surround our planet as manmade islands created for military purpose pop up in the oceans.  The American continent is divided by a trade war, egos and not to mention racism and our planet is also divided by a trade war, egos and not to mention racism again, which I suspect will inevitably collapse into a great war the likes of which we have never seen before.  Tensions rise and only God knows how we will navigate the new world in the next twenty years.  Where will we be?  What will our planet look like?  What will the space surrounding Earth appear to be? And how will we ever find peace in an ever-changing scientific and technological world?  It’s up to us human beings to decide.  Us and us alone.  The children of today will become the heroes of tomorrow.  That being said, why do this to them?  Why turn them into heroes and martyrs at such a high cost?  May the universe let us find peace before we ship our young ones off to yet another war.  A war they didn’t create, a war we created for them, and a war our drunken stupor gave rise to out of ego, racism and blind assumption.

“…but tomorrow, I shall be sober whereas you will still be ugly.”
W.S. Churchill (debated)

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