Æinglisch is the study and creation of words spoken by Agnus Heredis believers when speaking about the spiritual subject matters of in-depth emotional response.  To speak Æinglisch you must have a deep connection to the spirit and vibration of God in order to feel the sounds of Æinglisch instead of just hearing the sounds and vibration with no understanding.  Æinglisch uses current root words and mashes them up to create compound words with definitions that mirror deeply spiritual and religious concepts.  The language is being created so that a higher understanding of God can be communicated with richness in the definition of words that have been evolved from Latin (Vulgar ‘Common’), English (Sister Language of Low German dialects, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Frisian) and the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian). Brand new words and sounds (Constructed Language) are also being created for example the word ‘Ahyel‘ which means ‘Angel of high praise’.  Curse words do not exist in Æinglisch as it is used to maturely transmit concepts of high intelligence without getting stuck on immature and juvenile rhetoric.  It is not a language that is used for arguments or trade.   Æinglisch describes a deep connection to the sun, earth, moon and stars.  Earth, wind, fire and water are also described in the vocabulary of Æinglisch intellect. The spirit language uses a Latin alphabet creating richness in accent and definition.  Each word created is like a song that holds deep memory and meaning within the heart and mind of the individual speaking Æinglisch.  The language is still in its infancy and will take a very long time to create. New vocabulary will be forged as the study of God, creation, language and sound move forward.  Æinglisch is also a language used in prayer by Agnus Heredis and is rarely spoken human to human remaining as a direct channel to God.  More information will be provided as the study continues.

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