Septum Sanctus Ahyel (7 Holy Spirits/Angels).

The seven Ahyel who bow before the Kingdom of Heaven are humbled by perfection and completion.  These angels of high praise are in service to the Holy Trinity.  The seven Ahyel chosen by the Lamb are tasked with the deliverance of each spirit to the living and as well to the dead.

The Seven Ahyel Holy Spirits:
Dominus Pietas (Spiritus/Ahyel of the Lord and Piety).
Sapientia (Spiritus/Ahyel of Wisdom).
Intellectus (Spiritus/Ahyel of Understanding).
Concilium (Spiritus/Ahyel of Council).
Imperium (Spiritus/Ahyel of Might).
Scientia (Spiritus/Ahyel of Knowledge).
Timor Domini (Spiritus/Ahyel of Fear of the Lord).


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