Rose of Christ.

Rose_1500xLove psalm, war psalm from the Lamb slaughtered blood red.

Forever and ever in piety and obedience to the sacrifice of the world and its condition of loneliness. Eternally in flames and with a double-edged sword created by words that speaketh of love and war.  In love with being alone, contentment in this psalm of war.  A funeral for the dead and forgotten be remembered.  Blood of an angel to absolve this condition of sympathy toward Father sky.  It is He who gives thanks to the psalms of peaceful diplomacy during times of desperate liberation for hearts and minds.  There will be no manifestations of horsemen for the man who dies on the upside down cross honouring displays of mortality.  The enduring patience of love sealed by the rose of Christ, He is a fortress of pathos.  His temple gives us refuge in our time dying.  Place a rose at the entrance of my tomb and envoke the seven angels to guard this tomb as I rest patiently waiting for the reformation and liberation of death.  Grant us peace.

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