Freedom as a Leaderless Imaginary Construct.

Kids grow up with the imaginations of a leaderless world where they themselves have the right to dream up whatever they want.  As we get older this freedom is conditioned out of us while we grow into new ideals and democratic structures.  We sometimes lose our imaginary selves which can be a fault.  Our creative mind is sacrificed for what’s real and considered to be a stable routine.  Unfortunately, we lose sight of the fact that our minds stay imaginary while the outside of us “grows up”.  Things become logical however the brain that gives us our perception is still in fact using an imaginary construct compute our daily routine. A simulation if you will. The only thing keeping it logical is the repetitive notions of our conditioned thoughts.  It is possible to break free of this logical thinking degree if we can only understand what it means to regain an imaginary self, alongside our logical self.  Two alternate realities that work very much like the right and left arms in balance to keep us in coordination.  It’s very much like the muscles you would use to work out your preferred writing hand.  Learning to write with both hands or to think with both creativity and logic is indeed what I plan on delving into in these next few chapters of my life.  Being a musician, this kind of coordination is most definitely a fail safe to remain balanced a whole for what seems to be the enlightenment of myself.  Remember to stay true to your creative and logical sides as both will always exist.  To deny these facts would be untrue to the self.  To deny these small factoids would be to deny your own musical and general freedom.






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