R, O, Y, G, B, I, & V (7 Suns)

In the beginning, the seven colours or Seven Suns all gathered in conversation.  The emotional response to the discussion resulted in what scientists now call the big bang and creation of our great and vast universe.  This discussion would forever turn the tide of how material itself would eventually become to be known as matter.  The composition of the Suns would give rise to many planets, solar systems and galaxies entangling new frequencies of colour into profound godly works of art created by the Seven Suns themselves.  Their language of hot and cold emotions would give rise to a gravity not felt for one quadrillion years.  It was an almost forgotten feeling.  It was the feeling of new species to rise.  This resonance of a thriving universal model for life would forever be etched into the memory slots of to be measured time and space.  The matter would finally reign with human conception and The Seven Suns could finally take their rightful place within the anarchy of their ever-expanding home within light and darkness.

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