Providence, Divine.

A particle generator for your mind.
One more spec to be kind.
Idealistic structure and pattern,
make me a prized shiny lantern.
Such a heavy and callus generation,
in hopes of a pure and true legislation.
My body is my temple, my heart is my engine.
My feet walk miles while my lips speak revenge in,
truthful bitter words for many weakened puns,
born within wolves, so much hurt, tons.
We’re almost there, I can feel it in the air,
I can feel it in my hair, many onlookers stare.
A beautiful temple I have created with growth
Providence, to you and to you your given oath.
Divinely insane your intervention creeps.
Insanely prophetic my sunken willow weeps.
Weep to the heavens, your science driven steaks.
Amplifying love, your quiet level breaks.
Oh’ fifth horseman, a fifth to be a chord.
Oh’ fifth horseman, be true to your sword.
Your sword be a pen, men within men
again and again, your sword be a pen.

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