A Perception.

-Memories of a future life as if you are living a previous life.

It was the beginning of a creationist overture and living beings could communicate in perfect translation.  The languages had not been divided. Yet, all would be lost by time and space being a man made venture.  Surely an entity not from any individual planet could measure humankind’s grave existence with an out of the box opinion.  If only the human could find the right words to explain this beings existence, or accept such an entity into the realm of life.  To give birth to a new godly mass would be a triumph!  And so, our other worldly Godhead reigns unnoticed and unscathed searching for new frequencies that would cause light and sound manifest a new world with a new human keyword granting recognition of life to our once unknown alien friend. This aliens frequency of whom we live inside would make a great friend of our Mother Earth. Just as she agrees in a non-human vibration, she translates the world and sound of word for us leading us closer and closer to find more life in the universe.  “You just need to know how and where to look.” The Earth Mother would think conjuring human thoughts about life.  Man pondering life, takes credit for Her Majestic conjuring of thoughtful consciousness just like humans do best, as if somehow man were smarter than Her. Her with a capital H. Earth with a capital E. How uncouth of a courtship would that be?  How uncouth, Indeed?!

-Her gravity that pushes and pulls is a beacon that we must learn to accept.

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