In Courtship to the Heavens.

Eighth, quarter, half, whole. Spin acceleration.  Remember, higher pitched and quicker notes have a faster vibration which equals out to a smaller measurement or shape.
45 degrees, eighth note, 1/8, half of one triangle.
90 degrees, quarter note, 1/4, one triangle.
180 degrees, half note, 1/2, two triangles connected, one square.
360 degrees, whole note, 1,  one square, four triangles connected or one circle, x.
720 degrees, two whole notes, two circles or infinity symbol.  Two bars repeat.
1440 degrees, four circles, a cross if diamond, 44 in numerology is blood and bread.  440Hz is a tuned guitar in standard tuning, EADGBE.  7 notes, 7 colours, ROYGBIV.  A ‘C’ note would be Wednesday which is a blueish green.  A root and family tree reaching for the blue sky only to see a rainbow in bloom.  How sound is that? To see light like that.  Whites and blacks build depth and definition while symbols create sounds measured to the flick of a tongue imitating languages and slang.  We have reached what it is to be a human from pattern and point to manifestations of a sound known to be a word or witty little phrase.  Life and living.  Love and plural numerals such as one and a rounded three to explain the roots of a star system or family tree. Two triangles, one square, one sphere.  Four triangles gives us a whole universe made up of one perception.  Measured to the ‘X’,  You are here.  Therefor you are, as am I.  A whole 2d circle and 3d sphere.  All of this made with ability to travel from x to y like a crossroads or a fork in the road.  This fork with four prongs each resembling a decision and the embellishment of choosing or tuning a whole note.  Four centimeters, 20 notches rounded by a circle made of five to have interest in a star.  Double to a Roman numeral ten which is where we will find the ten points in the tree of life and perhaps in the rings Saturn.  A star with disillusioned whole note wings now known to particles in gravity with mass accompanied by planetary revolutions that suggest life on a scale unmeasured by humans.  It makes claim that all planets evolve as an entity or singular consciousness deciding and measuring it’s own course with the help of the core, our Sun, in courtship to the heavens.  All of this and we haven’t even began tell a gram of this telegram and/or weight of a stitch.  It’s in the rotations of a gram.  How is that for grammar?  My grandma’s would agree.  This is my tree.

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