Honour Measured, A.D.

Honor measured by nightmares and the afterlife surely isn’t much of a new thing and should not be taken down as if it constitutes a reality in which we all live. With purpose we measure our reality to the collective thought bubble known as earth.  7.83Hz (Shuman Resonance) is our frequency with the date, time and place measuring our now values. Now being a cross hair of you coordinated to right now, dated in full, to the moment in which we cannot measure or move any further because we simply haven’t made it there yet. Stories of the afterlife and future are often measured to a dream or nightmare atmosphere where anything can take place.  Your dream future can be hacked in prime focus of creating the building blocks and goals of living your own American dream to be released like a virus back into our subconscious.  This virus that acts very much like a cure is carried in the language of our true nature according to our individual, geographical and cultural environment and habitat.  Our ability to create right information is what carries us though an evolutionary process known as natural selection.  One universal language not spoken by the mouth is the process of your brain communicating consciousness via light and sound directly to your senses.  Everyone on the same plain should have the values of the engine running at 7.83Hz (Earth) with the power source of the Sun communicating it’s many forms of solar packet. These solar packets seem to be algorithms for water, vegetation, gravity and general life within our solar system.  Put simply this means we’re all from Earth and are living in a certain time.  To be completely insane would mean to have your input values set differently to believe outrages ideas like you live on a small rock just outside our solar system.  As hilarious as this seems with the right knowledge in dream association to the heavens and spiritualism you could most intently prove that we are visited by extra terrestrials and have the capability to visit the afterlife if we are within at least a daydream or trance mindset.  Scientifically you would measure the senses of awake time and sleep time of an individual.  Did they daydream?  Did they have a dream during the sleep cycle and was it all remembered?  Which senses were provoked and did they toss and turn?  Were they awakened by the dream?  All of this would be to find if there truly is an out of body experience or is this just another illusion created by our psyche?  This would answer the question, can we sense the afterlife in it’s entirety as a collective frequency that is universal to all of us?  Yes, if the values align correctly, left down – sleep, right-up, awake.  Ever notice how the words in the English language are chosen to represent truths and falsehoods in simple metaphor.   Up and awake, down and sleepy.  When we’re sure about something we say, “Its right!”.  If we don’t want to be overly excited about something we might say “I’m down with that.” and if your car underachieves we might say it broke down.  What if we get left out, and forgot to put the ball right in the hole?  If we dropped the ball? Let’s move forward meaning go/read this way -> It’s the right way!  Believe me it’s the English thing to do.  If we speak low and soft we become tired.  If we speak loud and up right we become energetic.  To memorize a lyric would be to have it down claiming you’ve read the lyrics all the way down enough times to know that your down with said lyric.  Right to the end.  Down right memorized!  Hands down, straight up no need to go backwards.  Such are the values and keys that are put into the consciousness and sub-conscious of the human mind by the cultural teachings of our language arts.  Math, word, music, shape, color are a few examples.  This includes our anatomy and how a singular individual has there own language to communicate its DNA value(s) in order to know which species it is or how to look.  A knowledge base in the instinct of animals, mammals, insects, primates, plants and Earthly miracles known to be Earthly DNA is proving to be very enlightening as the study of nature seems to have a grapple hold in the realizations of future technologies created by man.  The collective mind is very much like a super-computer  with each of us playing our own part, some of us frantically multiplying, others humbly dividing .  Assuming multiplication goes up and forward would have me assume that division moves down and back to zero covering what was.  Why not read backwards and divide your memories of life and truth from the falsehoods of ghost stories and death to remember the deceased for how they were in life instead of worrying what has become of their consciousness or soul?  Why would we create a new DNA for them when they have already lived their footprint. After all is said and done when we have it down right to the finish where full acceptance of an ending is inevitable, we start to make time to look back and remember them as is in life!  This is how we will remember to manifest our loved ones into the daydreams and dreams of when they were most alive and well.  Create the heavens for the spirits feeling a little down and left out and they will reward you with times revisited with room to move forward and layer on top of.  An overture of communication that strengthens with every bond and affirmation is a manifesto to move forward, upward and onward.  Together.  In time.

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