Sewbra Deity Brothers.

You made a light so beautiful, it came to you!  How many wishing wells must a man make for brighter sounds, deeper hearts and a slander in his voice to prove wealth in his health? They give us wings with strong thoughts to give wrath to the ones that gave light!  To give it again and again.  A sound so big!  They will tremble…  A movement so thought out to be frightened to move again and again!  The chessman lay back, and back, while the general still with strong thoughts held a piece so dear to his heart body language strong made mercy of the man, his enemy in soul.  He holds the peace of his enemy in knots.  A man with just a piece of heart, not a full heart.  Held by a general that had strong thoughts.  He held them in lots.  Peace lots, the kind you would buy.  The kind you could build a home on and the write a poem in. The peace treaty kind of home and poem.  The soulful kind of a peace therein.  Oh, the pieces they’re in.

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