XXXX Until Further Taboo Notice.

As I sit around to a television version of Field Of Dreams with Kevin Costner, I have many thought’s regarding the dreams had, and to be had.  Nightmares included.  Most of my dreams are not entirely of my true existence and can become quite abstract and often take on a life of their own.  Now, think hard but not too hard about the dreams you’ve had? These dreams and nightmares in conclusion create a taboo known as a quadruple X rating because of the content that your dreams carry.  They are a testament to the life of you.  Many obstacles to be cured and many scares to be nourished.  How deep can it get?  Can one die and be resurrected within a dream?  Do these things actually happen in our existence?  The answer is a resounding yes!  These things can and do actually happen.

With advances in technological pioneering the gap between biological and technological is becoming quite close in comparison we must maintain a certain stigmata when it comes to our advances after-all, a line has to be drawn.  The taboo of transferring files of a mindful format to technological device is most certainly in line with mental illness and the study therein.  With electromagnetic fields causing cancers and multiple illness the study is in high demand alongside a revolution of tech and mind that will take the trending addicts to the bank.  Will we remain in human time? Will our study of collective and individualistic ego end up but a dream in a fast and always changing line of sight world.  Will our dream world become a capitalist shark pit or has it already come to that? Originally the space within our dreams was intended to be ours. It most certainly does not belong to a CEO in a business so big that in implode’s and asks our dreams for more time.  These are the questions that a common society of technological genius’ have to ask if they’re going to become one with the cyborg. The dream snuff tycoon’s of the next century will have to find a new landing ground if what I sense is correct.  I feel this has already been happening.  It’s even been written about in Christianity.  Christianity one of the largest entities on earth to the day is currently working out all of the scriptures that will lead us into the next gap of the century.  It is currently calling for a rapture of mind into technological advance! This means, our backdrop has already been built and our platform is already in the making.  We are simply being taught to behave in mind so that our Christmas gifts get better each year.  A, go forth and multiply!  A rapture of your beautiful mind into a new logic.  A bio-technological logic brought to us by what seems to be a technological mishap.  A mishap so large it would take over 2000 years to repair from. A fear of consciousness and the teachings of mortality!


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