Why Do I Father My Murderers?

Said Dead Corpse

A man was haunted by nine spirited ghosts who all had a knack for killing the poor man at the end of every dream.  Every morning the man would wake up, dead, with a new memory of even yet, another haunting.  He would have the same question rolling over in his head as he went about his morning rituals. ‘Why do I father my murderers?’ It seemed over the years he started to get it right which made things a hell of a lot easier.  His visions were, each night a ghost would come to the man and save him from the wretched overlord of a God that was created by atheism.   Surely enough, faithfully, the nine ghosts would alternate passage to the man’s mind each of them haunting the man at separate intervals.   Each ghost being female claimed to be the man’s wife from another dimension. How could the man have nine separate dimensions with nine separate wives and still be able to manage a young ghostly pup of his own. 

An earn sits in its rightlful place in a room upstairs.  A picture of the man’s young one as it’s owner.  If it’s written in cursive then it isn’t said.  Only pictured.

     He also did I fine job managing a marriage lasting through thick and thin!  The thought of ten wives and a little one in passing made it feel as if he were the bun in the oven.  Each ghost wife had ties to a trait of his very much in his existence wife.  Each one of them would take on the more admirable expressions of his wife in existence however, the flaw was that each one of them knew exactly one trait that he was lacking in his life.  Defiant in his battle to better the self, he wrote it to his journal.

The First Ghost Wife.
Ugly in fear with intent to persuade the mind into anything other than sex, this first ghost carried the spirit of ‘hard work’ along with her.  She held a pen and book closely to her heart in praise of such a noble trait.  On her dim almost white scaly ghost face she wore hard-working women’s glasses. It’s plain see how intelligence plays a role in her appearance.  Covered in a long ripped white robe and veil, old gray.  Nothing could have prepared the man for his first meeting with this other worldly apparition.
He was to remember that hard work no matter how hard the day was always a day well worked!  He remembered it to the end of him.

The Second Ghost Wife.
Draped in a long just off white not quite gray covering, our second ghost wife is a magnificent composition in the creativity department.  Sewing and the ability to make something from nothing could astound anyone of the ghost wives.  The most important part of this ghost wives teaching model is to believe.  Her belief system is her material.  She has one needle prepared with thread pinned into her covers off to the left of where a human hand would fall. Always keeping her hands out in front grasped together as if to hold a set of prayer beads. Nothing hung from her ghostly hands.  Her lesson was of beautification and creativity.

The Third Ghost Wife.
A gray drape existence of ghost matter covered this somewhat slim ghoul with an all-knowing confidence in the values of trust and faith.  This mammoth of a trait was perhaps the kicker of why the man had first felt love.  Our third ghost wife did not carry anything due to the fact that she was always feeling the comfort of the wedding ring that she had bragged about so much over the years.  The way that she had fiddled with her ring reminded the man of exactly how he had seen his wife do over the years.  Her teaching for the man was of an inner courtship, always leading the man back to his wife to whom he was currently sharing a life with.  A lesson in faith.

Ghost Wife Number Four.
A symbol of bread, food, and appreciation, our very admirable fourth ghost love is of the highest caliber when it come to nurturing the young.  She is held in the highest respects and is equipped with get this, cooking utensils and a baby’s teething ring worn on a golden chain around her neck.  The small linked chain being a symbol to the bonds that keep our trees rooted.  Her garments long and covering all of her matched her veil and baby teething ring as a beige, light brown, shiny when properly lit by the surroundings of an Overture.  It proudly wore the embroidery of tree roots or branches although in a slightly darker beige.  Subtle, in nature.

Ghost Wife Number Five.
Strong in the practice of empathy our fifth and most decorated ghost wife has the spirit of many world leaders both male and female.  She understands the importance of balance between men and women from all different lands including those previously unheard of by the man.  She is dressed in a light brown, red, not quite pink shiny gown.  In each hand she will often manifest two measurement bowls, golden with a polished shine into the palm of her hands. You can hear the chain link attaching the measuring cups clink around her neck while in float.  You begin to think of empathy as balance.  Her shoulder cups are sign of leadership, as is his lesson. The Sun.

Ghost Wife Number Six.
A master in the shamanistic clowning rituals of the trickster archetype she wears a reddish to orange flashy in movement with many frilly attachments designed specifically for the gaining of attention during moments of slap stick comic relief.  Completely fitted with red clown nose, colour’d to apparel along with a vibrant red rose that pops out at you with many sparkles of perfection. You can hear howl and laughter from the vocal chords of every being to have ever laughed at her ever increasingly healing sense known to be, Love.

Number Seven.
     Absolutely gifted in math and philosophy to numbers governed by what is known to be language of property value.  Number seven is colour’d in orange, yellow with a light yellow scarf reciting the number Pi in golden embroidery all to that of one thousand digits.  To her left side weighing down her shoulder is a leather brown bag with the contents of many wooden mathematical aiding devices some never to be seen by earth inhabitants.  A ruler, a protractor and compass are just some of the tools residing in her leather satchel.  Above her right breast is the shape of a triangle pointing directly into her heart.  Directly across to the other side, the exact same thing.

Number Eight, last nor’ first.
Individuality.  Pure vibrant yellow in nature, she pours out with a confidence unlike any other.  Bright and acquired to the self as an overwhelming pure yellow barely visible to the naked eye, aura.  It begins as a spark of interest and then you see it.  It hits you.  She is pure.  A heart of old with stories to be told.  The wisest of our nine ghost wives she never panics when in the thick of a moment.  Understands the universe on an entirely self-contained level with zero anxiety attached to those around with a full knowledge base in universal enlightenment.


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