The Book Of Composition; Trumans Report. ‡

– Dedicated to the study of language and social change in the arts, according to evolution and the imaginative thought engine of the modern-day.  (2015-Present)

Dracula Providence (A rockstarchetypical) was present in the time of the Vampire Enlightenment. The Mantis had given him immunity.  The shit monster had been vanquished.

  • Sound heard as a thought frequency located in the air if the client has received echo radar enhancements.  The brain computes information translating it into a clairvoyant messaging system.  All five senses may be in tune if the client is properly trained (nurtured).  Light and sound connectivity begin to take shape and new radar upgrades/enhancements are passed on.  Sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of others will begin to try to take hold of your own thoughts tricking you to believe that the thoughts of others are the thoughts of your own.  Stay individual, yet united.  A good moral system is a key indicator of a successful messaging system complete with security enhancements created by clients themselves.  Security enhancements with a moral compass directing us toward trust and understanding is our main focus.
  • Music as  a means to teach aspiring persons to do good will prevail as a key platform in the quest for global rest and utopia.  Spiritual growth will prosper within the hearts of all persons willing to do good.  The hearts of passers-by will open as the happy anecdote makes its way into our homes.  The pursuit of happiness is now in sight and insight.  Brought to us by light and sound.

UPGRADE: (Spiritual packets/information).
Echo, rules of death, layers, manifest, fear, energy, inception, teleportation, shape shift, truth, telepathy, love, ascension, empathy, atoms and evening, elements, administration of the self, materialize, connectivity etc… and the list goes on. Upgrades are a vital source of security information when communicating with entities larger than the self.  Larger entities usually have equipped a better means of security system and are willing to share if they believe you to be a like-minded professional.

  • Anarchy as a means to teach equality with evolutionary conversations that will lead us into a lecture about the habitual behaviours of fear, violence, abuse and other forms of ‘free-will’ infractions.
  • A social structure with the technology and means to believe in other types of life systems is making its way out of the imagination and into our reality as new telepathic frequencies are beginning to be heard for the first time in most cases.  This means that the more powerful entities of the day are trusting the messages received and are replying in the language of truth, the language of the true self.  Peace and prosperity can begin to take shape in these conditions.
  • The use of dream realities to upload the subconscious to build confidence in persons with social anxiety or perceptual fears created and evolved from the time of birth is evident.  A study of environment conducted by the self from an out-of-body experience such as a dream can be a testing ground for the soul to give value to our moral compass.
  • Hypnotism as a means to control the masses will no longer be a problem as persons who obtain free-will begin to flourish.  The right to obtain free-will is granted to everyone however individuals must go through a screening process in order to prove goodness.  This screening process is often referred to as the machine.
  • Mental refresher’s are like a glass of water as persons share memories in the security of their own space created in the mind.  Memories act as DNA and a key to the mind of said persons enjoying each others peace of mind known as inner-space.
  • An almost mythical atheist view-point of history emerges just barely noted.
  • The use of telekinesis as a weapon will reign as a force powerful enough to turn/flip any large entity.  Fear tactics, dream tactics and psychological tactics are used sometimes unknown to the public.  This will change.
  • Persons report seeing visions and hallucinations coinciding with the eye of two or more persons blinking at the same time, followed by conditions known as amnesia psychosis, dementia and schizophrenia, addiction and other fear driven illness.  These conditions begin to flip and seem to be a sign of some new intelligence regarding death.  A preparation of life energy to leave the body not permanently but briefly to learn of new tales that will lead to the body regeneration information that your cells need to successfully cure these conditions using electromagnetic fields from your body and the emotions found in your soul.  Inspiration of new life beyond the traditional fears and anxiety of death will emerge to be sanctum.  A connection to a new perception of networked individuals comes to light as they work together to ensure peace no matter where in the universe.
  • Belief in the supernatural has become clockwork and now feels natural.
  • Souls often play more than one character and rely on memories from lives lived with other to recognize each other.  Souls can blend as one character if they see proper fit.  Souls can also become as one with no traditional physical body.  This is beautiful!  Always returning as the individual full of the lesson just learned is an important practice.
  • Fortune telling as a regular occurrence with futuristic pot lines runs rampant as part of an even wider plot to ensure peace in the universe.  Agents cure the spread of false idealism before it happens.
  • A deep understanding in measurement grasps our logic and imagination.  (Measurement is a key upgrade to be appreciated.)
  • Frightening and unnatural events are covered up as disbelief reigns due to traumatic shock.  It engulfs the sub-conscious creating our nightmarish realms.  Something to good to be true can also reign as mystical and unbelievable to one without faith.  Such realms are blocked from the human sphere, dismissed as dreams and nightmares for most and a lucid reality for the honored ones that have given their soul for an enlightened mind.  Depersonalization comes to mind and self actualization comes back into play.  The soul is once again found.
  • The way to the church is through the people.  Music and laughter prevail to be the most in tune religions.
  • A new understanding in creation takes hold of the imagination giving us our space located in mind used for creating alternative universes that persons can then travel to.  This is achieved by the practice of meditation and the activation of the third eye symbolically known to be the all seeing eye.

Life is a network that cannot be privatized.  However, privacy is still a rule of thumb.  This body and mind are both mine, you had better fucking respect them!  Expression of the self in motivation to higher in-depth understanding and findings.  Life memory evolves.  As time moves forward our memories begin to become one blessing us with sight from perceptions we wouldn’t normally grasp without the insights of others.  The lesson is of culture, understanding, and of last but not least, confidence.    Not only in the self but in the collective consciousness of the entire universe to the extent of understanding God.  Faith! I am not preaching, this is a study and lecture.  There is an order to in the atmosphere of trust and such things called, Life.  Confidence building expressionism is a key foundation in thought progressions when receiving emotions from others in the form of modern telepathic-communication system found within our bodies field.

Phases of Uplift:
Depression – The state in which confidence is at an all time low.
Uplift – The state following a low period.
Balance – A smooth running thought engine.

Purpose of compositional make-up.
     The beautification of our life system is an important part of our universal experience.  Vibrance and sensation make up a serious part of our evolution just as insects and plants are attracted to light, we are attracted to beautiful sensations.  If we did not have this unique ability to sense beauty our world would be very dull and tiresome causing us to never return.  The fact that we have a sense for beautification healing personality traits is what keeps us bonded to our universe in the honourable labour of keeping it beautiful.  Beauty is a gift in which all life’s members can study.
Beautification is a good thing, outer and inner beauty both comply.

Building memories as a DNA module can be extremely important when building a key for an individual.  A memory ‘fingerprint’ is a source of recognition as every person in the world has a different set of memories.  When two people come together after a long time away, paranoia may be a prominent factor standing in the way of a proper truthful conversation due to a lack of identification.  The two people will then go over memories to confirm the identity they are speaking with causing a reaction in the self to relieve the paranoia if the memory information is correct.  This reaction of ‘positive’ or ‘truth’ information translates into your body building the chemical “punch” that is needed to build a healthy outcome to the conversation which can lead to very high healing percentages in the right circumstances.  Two people who don’t get along will have a negative outcome filled with false information being relayed causing the self to break down in anger/depression thus halting the healing vibrations.

More On Spiritual Upgrades:
With the use of computer like telepathic system individuals build applications for the mind while growing up and handling life obstacles.  These mind modification techniques are passed around like idea bubbles sometimes being modified to suit an individual or to add new fixes to an already existing upgrade.  New upgrade applications are created when a new idea is forged into the mind usually caused by a groundbreaking discovery.  As new discoveries are made and the bugs are worked out the upgrade begins to circulate provided it is of true value.  Upgrades are exactly what they sound like making the mind and soul healthier for the body to live around.  Untrue applications are considered to be virus and bad for our health.
Echo: The ability to pick up other entities by using a ping style of radar similar to bats and dolphins.
Rules of Death: The ability to see past death and to raise the dead.
Layers: The understanding of a layered reality and the ability to use it.
Manifest: The ability to make objects appear out of thin air.
Fear: The ability to not freeze and to put fear into another entity.
Energy:  An understanding in energy and the ability to manipulate it.
Inception: A creationist perception used in the teachings of death.
Teleportation: The ability to jump through wormhole from A to B.
Shape-shift: An ability in which the entity can change shape, look, and feel.
Truth: The ability to recognize positive information.
Telepathy: Mind language.
Love: An Emotional Value Property Set.
Ascension: The ability to ascend in mind and be aware of it.
Empathy: Your own feeling about a person, place, or thing.
Atoms and Evening(s): A patch for love, empathy, and energy.  An in-depth study of the sun as the self/others.  Truly one of the greatest upgrades to be achieved.
Elements: An understanding of the earth and seasons.
Administration of the self:  The governing of the true self sought out by the study of self actualization.  The ability to make proper decisions and ask the right questions, according to you!
Material Eyes:  The ability to see manifestations as a body or particle system from a biological standpoint with the option to give soul. Light then body.
Connectivity: It ‘sounds’ like relativity.
Dream Realization:  The moment in which dreams become real as an actual happening.
Counter:  To act without hesitation.  Premeditated self-defense with win/win situations. The study of diplomacy (diplomatic ties).

The Blinking Day Dream Theory:
There is a story that goes of an old group of friends that discovered a time-shell of a mystery that led them through a journey of mythical proportions.  In order to have a day-dream one must relax in the mind and think of what they want to think about.  Adding a point in time to the value of the daydream will give more reason and realism to the daydream allowing you to create you own room of discussion for the purpose of a secure working loving peaceful relationship among personalities.

“It all happened so quickly that we had no time to react to the situation, lets slow down and come together on what in the hell just happened. “
– A British Guy, recorded seconds after blinking his eyes once at the exact same time as everyone else in the room. Caution* Only to be used in trusting circles.

The blink was used as a starting point to the daydream that they were all about to have over the set of two to three weeks based on the work load of each individual. The third week was used for refresher moments to remind us of the ongoing plot-line regarding the ones currently occupying the room.  If one mind is the client then the room must be a collective mind or host.  The strongest reality known as truth will always lead us back into our rightful positions known as our own ideal identity chosen by us.  Refresher moments are used as checkpoints with the precise moment of  blink being lost perhaps due to the nature of the student.  It is possible to document the time of each blink however time seems to last forever with each blinking wormhole connecting us to the last refresher moment reinforcing the conversation of current projections.  As time moves forward we can bring the imagination to life with enough refresher blinking moments.

 God said, “you do it then!”
Battles are fought in an ‘instance’ where the rules of death no longer apply.  The main objective of competitive war sporting is to come to a clear decision on the premises of a conflict.  The spoils of war are shared and respect for both sides can be obtained.  If the peace process fails to surface then both/all sides will remain in ‘instance’ until true enlightenment and healing can be harvested.  A non-violent equal trusting collective thought process is the only objective making way for many roads of peaceful revolution to be forged. 

Hero Archetypical.
Growing up in a modern time such as 2015 gives us the chance to look back over a long period of history which allows us to choose a historical mother/father figure that we can then aspire to.  Using a historical rather than same day archetypical hero will grant us new perception’s into the world that we have grown up in.  Remember, it’s typical.  Same day.

 Anarchaic. ‘The Language of Equality’
The Rosetta Stone relevant.  A language based upon every communication system known to the collective universal consciousness.  The ultimate tool for peace.
Memory stone language.  It is possible to connect with many different people of many different languages with the use of the Rosetta Stone teachings.  The language of information and truthful exchange in the forms of thought and feeling.  The understanding of equality and empathy.  This is a language in which upgrades can be applied.  It feels like a bionic computer software transferring information packets.  Rhythmical patterns that feel dramatic as if one were in and old English play spoken by a futuristic breed of intellectuals moving to fast for the old feel, hinted with ominous machine like bell structures in the frequency of a dog whistle it would seem!  The best part is, every vibration from the universe can be felt from culture to culture, planet to planet.   Truly a universal mindset to be achieved.

RE-port (Report)
A portal in which revisions as in a vision, can be made to insure truth and understanding.

Dual dream state reality focus.  The optional ability to live in two separate worlds according to sleep patterns.  The physical reality in which we believe to be awake life is a much-needed engine for storing hard copy information while the dream reality computes the information into a timeless atmosphere where bugs can be removed from the universal system.
“Dreams can disgust us out of fear.”

Life Memory Model.
Rituals keep our memories alive and connected to like-minded individuals and/or entities that contain each-other in circles of supreme intelligence passing down memory cells of expressional capable languages information, in turn (‘the understanding of a new topic’) create physical dimensions possible of containing the organism (‘Life’).
A Ritual is an expression containing a memory in hopes of keeping it in focus.

The Plains of Life.
Memory cells are separated into many different organisms containing memories of current miracles and past discrepancy’s.  Memory cells are attracted to each other and can begin to take shape as an organism with time moving forward acting very much like an amoeba.  If miracles are the bond replenish factor, then discrepancy’s must be decay or, paramecium.  Cells will begin to split and search for like-minded cells.  Right becomes right, and left becomes left.

Pre-Sent: (it’s a place)
Now-ness in the inner-self.
Schism the Sun.

Successfully explaining a situation so that you do not have to worry about it.  A smooth plain of thought.  Clean air.  Nice wave or vacuum.

An infinite number of non-numbers, more like packet encryption’s in vacuum.

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