The Spot.

Every occupant of the Overturian ocean understands the importance of the spot which is centrally located directly where the individual is and can be labelled as your spot.  In case of losing your spot always ask someone who knows where their spot is in order to gain a checkpoint to measure where about’s your spot went to.  You will know that you’ve found your spot simply by looking up and seeing a green light.  If you look down you will see an ‘x’.  Glance around to find all of your trusting connections to confirm that this is indeed your spot.  If you need further reinforcement to trust in your spot then have no fear!  You just happen to be in the right spot to start investigating.  Good on ya!


A message from the Aegis of Conduct.
The spot is very much a system restore however the memory remains.  If red lights appear about your head and your spot is visible at your feet then please move to your next designated green light as an incoming threat or movement by Overturians may be in motion.  The lights act as traffic light for higher priority entities when not in a multi-layer permitted territory.  Multi-layer permitted lands are often called plain’s and are controlled by the plain overlords who have conquered every layer and plain the supernatural world had to offer.  Not every territory abides by ‘the spot ruling’.  The spot ruling was created in order to give higher priority to crisis points found within overture by the screening process which is sometimes referred to as the machine. 

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