The Room & Om’ Metrop.

     A city built from scratch at the dawn of a new era in an uncertain time… A metropolis once thought to be uncertain.

     Travel by box!  This territory may only be found by entering the ‘The Room’ and asking the proper administrators who have been to Om’ Metrop and understand which part of the metropolis suits your skill-set and ability.  You are put into a box with one lamp beside you.  The box is upright and is not shaped in any particular fashion, it’s a box!  When the box door opens you are greeted by the locals and you may begin your new life within the realms of Om’ Metrop.  It feels like a real life gothic cartoon.  Everything is built with a dark stone cement like substance which can be modified by temperature and appears to be white and chalky almost charred when viewed in the right light.  The inhabitants have big skulls surrounded by a muggy face with scratchy voices almost cartoony in nature.  They create their own lights with a colour of their own choosing to leave a trail if they like.  Remember,  this is a magical realm where the possibilities are endless.

For those of you that don’t know, the room we are talking about is a giant no walls virtual dream realm where creators meet up to discuss and create new works of art that they can then show off within the dreamy aspect of a spiritual progression.  This room is very important in the development of every skill known to humans.  From planets to living beings the room is equipped to handle all of your creationist indulgences.  Inside this Godly room it is possible to create landscapes and sky scenes just by putting thought into what you would like to see.  The room ‘engine’ allows for the creation and scripting of objects as you meet interesting people from all walks of the universe you will begin to heighten your abilities used for building and communicating musically in your newly found 4D environment completely fitted to what’s now known to be as the dream creation tool of life! The Itom.

Om’ Metrop being a square yet, diamond-shaped city is surrounded by a beautiful square yet diamond river. It is located on the Pangea continent but is not triangulated to any particular spot. The metropolis is separated by a respect system built up in various realms of the room including the lobby where you will find many wormholes that will teleport you to any realm you or your party can imagine from Pangea to Pluto. Any spot and any time period. All you need is a guide with a full set of knowledge and skill-sets based upon the area you wish to research in Om’ Metrop.

Cognitive Administration Recovery Device.
In default mode the C.A.R.D looks very much like an ordinary piece of plastic but this seemingly boring piece of construction isn’t even a plastic at all.  In fact, it’s actually made up of a 4th dimension material that is so Majestic it can only be found in the most remote areas of your dreams.  The C.A.R.D is used for visualizing 4D pictures both still and in motion on a 2D screen rather than in your mind.  By projecting your thoughts onto screen it is much easier to enlighten commoners to other forms of communications such as clairvoyant telepathic messaging systems brought to us be the 6th sense, often made reference to in conversations of the third eye meditative process.  We brought 5th dimension communications to a 4D world that the 3D people can’t have because the technology just isn’t compatible.  They would die!  How do we come to terms and grips with the technological not to mention biological monsters that we create?  We test them! We put them through the grinder!   So to speak.
How it works.  Every person in the world has a genetic code that is unique in every way relative to the person that is carrying the code.  Your DNA is in fact a way to write your name in a way that no other can.  It’s you!   This is your key, or handle.  The C.A.R.D can be handled by many users across the world as an equal amount of Itom(s) are/is distributed to each inhabitant of our beautiful 4D world.  Itoms when constructed into a sculpture become one with each other creating one Itom.  This snap and bond feature is often used for copy and duplication purposes.  Each Itom is tagged with the last, modifier handle key for security purposes which is a good thing.  Other information in the material history include creation watermarks, previous handlers and if scripted can send a message to your counterpart when another entity walks by.  It senses by using an echo radar system similar to that of a dolphin or bat.  It will instantly and flawlessly read all of the information in the atoms thus converting the atoms into Itoms in the hopes of creating a 4D realm.  These Itoms belong to the strongest ascended spirit/entity in radius.  Humans simply do not have the administration privilege’s due to a lack of knowledge about the 4th and 5th dimensions.  Some would say that the 3rd dimension is where the upper class reside.  After all, they are the one’s with the gift of compassion and appreciation for life!  The overall consensus is that everyone on the 4th dimension is trying to get back to the 3rd. Aliens and what not…  Fact is, some of them have been banned for so long they forget the feel of a simple grass-blade! All particles no grass-roots feel ya’ know.  The C.A.R.D is powered by the sun and controlled by electro-magnetic fields emitted from the user or handler’s heart and brain.  The heart and brain are what connect your body to your spirit’s chakra’s and the environment you are surrounded by.  Your chakra’s will connect to your Itoms giving you full control over your surroundings enabling God-consciousness.

If you have not yet learned to create a wormhole yet then please attend a wormhole conference in a dream state vision. (The Conduit Channel.)

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