Quaren-screening as a direction to deflate the ego of a collective or individual for the purpose of understanding the spirit to every angle.  Molecular science and particle observations of every frequency will conclude a truthful identity even if the ego is filled with lye disease.   Electro-magnetic-field enhancements in the form of biological and technological evolution is constant and must remain so to receive proper transmission of a truthful personality in the times of anarchist movements into new mentality such as a collective thought process evolution from single-minded oneness.  The resonance measured in structural molecular D.N.A has the potential to be hacked and changed in accordance to wiser spirits.  It is not a threat but a blessing in the eyes of most observers.  This is very much in relation to how one spirit can devour another in territorial dispute.

A dog eat dog world, so they say.

The mind is considered to be the most fascinating, bewildering, horrifying dangerous possessions.   To be nurtured with the best of care.

In echoing words from a distant planet if planets are people and people are words,  We will have our own network soon. – The Great Pirate Freq.

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