The Book Of Composition II; Overture.

Oct. 13/15 (Modern Day)…  Overture.
(x) Narrated by a talking trumpeter swan.

The ink well, the telephone, the oil lamp.  Knowledge truth, expression and connections. Some of the most beautifying, bewildering words known to man.  Man, who stands in awesomeness at the thought of this impression shall be granted, Overture.

  • Overture as will and divine intention.  The will to begin again, it’s in print.
  • Exploitation and exposure sought out to be the most dangerous ideas known to man.  Exposure to indulgence in god and falseness such as the worshiping of false idols and icons is an exploit in itself.
  • Impressions created are granted soul purpose and given spirited attributes. Attributes such as value systems that point to higher resonance in measurement to a Utopian society.
  • The study of good and evil with pure intention for a trusting inner circle is banked.  To be complete and free of inner turmoil is a goal.  Impressions maintain stability.

Overture is an ocean of endless binds and tides that take us to places behind the great curtain call! It’s waves are thinner than the waters of a traditional ocean in fact Overture is made of a silky fabric so light one can actually move through it and mistaken it for light itself, like the sun.   Impressions made by Overture are in the nature of oneness and self purity.  It may take on the personality and shape of spirited affections in the mannerisms of an old wise woman.  This wise woman’s wives tale is a testimony to our grandfather spirit’s and may be considered relative to a grandfather clock or and old mans timepiece in a symbol of taking the time to weave and watch the flowers grow.  Just like every great man who stood in time, there was a great woman who stood behind him, also in time, in tune, in key, in weave.  Knitting!  Entangling and intertwining us in to possibilities and abilities once thought to be unheard of, until we listened.   In this land considered to be an oceanic perception, mistakes are kept on document as proof of ownership to the enterprise given at birth.  Each mistake and correction are used for identification purposes. This is accepted as cultural normality causing stress levels to diminish due to the fact that we accept each mistake whole heartedly because “yup, that was meant to happen!”  It’s almost an excuse used by everyone in Overture.  “That’s how ya know it’s me!” is a common sentence heard from the depths of the great ocean.  Acceptance of beautiful intuitions such as a flaw in a personality found to be perfect in nature also help to relieve turbulent water like solar winds that used to bring tears of sorrow but now compensate us with a blissful breeze. This breeze was designed with full intention to give the feeling of comfort after a long work day.  Corrections are screened by the Aegis of Conduct and have a governing body sense of truth to weed out any false negotiations or, truths with no compromise in sight. Diplomacy is their strategy however and old form of teaching gets in the way of young spirits wishing to reach the state of enlightenment that the A.O.C (Aegis of Conduct) claim to have achieved.  Conspiracy seems to be at the heart of the A.O.C.  Leaders of the guild stand strong and opinionated in the old system of corrections.

(3005 a.d.)
The Wizards of Overture, and Noble Squires. *
“Welcome to the World Celebrations!” The loud-speaker shouted from the newly configured atoms in the air.
“The atoms have speakers…” a young squire whispered, sifting the air as if it were made of the smallest grain of anti-gravity sand his hand almost weaved into the particles or, pixels themselves.
“Ashes!” The master wizard shouted like a curse.
“Language master!”  The young one begged
“Yes, yes… it’s more like the propaganda games than the World Celebrations!  Don’t touch that stuff!  It feels dark…”  Master wizard warned.
The young squire jolted back and immediately knew what to do making a leap into the closet as it seemed to hurl itself shut by the power of the master wizard’s mind. A loud slam is heard by the atoms currently reporting directly to the World Celebrations elite who were slowly creeping a darkness filled chemical aura stenching with the vibration of blood and war smut up over the westward hills. The master wizard began whats known as patchwork, he meditated into some importantly soft fabric. The fabric floated up into the air creating a magic designed for communicating to the wizard elders that danger was approaching from the westward hills.  When the squares of material fabric were complete with the conjured magic it would shape-shift into 44 doves, white as in legend and in nature.  These doves were to be messenger doves with the job of completing the transmission.  The master meditated with all of this might but to  no avail.  He felt too much fear in the air that seemed to be evacuating itself from the closet.
“Squire!” He shouted!
“What?”   A whimper from the young one.
In a confident filling overtone our master wizard softly applied a strong grandfather voice for his next song that he made sound like dialogue.  “Now son, you needn’t be scared.  Cleanse your fears just as I, and all will be well inside the meadows of your mind.  Chipper up!”  The loud-speaker in the air tried to gain attention once more but the master quickly tuned it out by making a visual-aid hand gesture holding them horizontally and slowly letting them fall to signify that the propaganda sounds were indeed being drowned out.  This made the squire feel so much more relaxed grinning slightly with a hint of humility remembering that he was to stay tough. Just then a white dove appeared from another local master delivering a tiny scroll only to be read with a magnifying glass explaining every person were to ready themselves and begin to cast protection spells to the infected territories.  Master wizard was diligent about doing so.   A calm fell over the two while the white dove flew away to alert the rest of Overture.
Now, on a round wooden surfaced table a dim almost gray cloth rested on top of the shape of a sphere.  It was a well-earned member of the a master wizard’s inventory.  It was his crystal ball.  The noble squire knew that one day he to would own his very own magical devices such as a wand or crystal ball.  He already had a shepherd’s wand and one day he would own a true master wand complete with holster.  However, a crystal ball was the most enlightened mindful entity that a wizard could use.  It’s device was that of great legend stretching back to the ‘Days of Angst’ preached by the wisest of elders at the camp fires every night.  There wouldn’t be any campfire stories tonight though. Tonight, the noble squire and master would remain strong like a circle to a square, no firelight to make way for visitors.

Duality Real-isms.
Note *  Every person that has ever lived a physical existence has lived in what’s know as an inner-divisional dual construct life strategy designed specifically for the neural decision-making process.  This what enables our motor functions that we all adore so much.  One would go as far to say that it is in fact called free-will or desired intention. In the journey’s of self actualization.  We search for the reasons that we make the choices we do, asking “why?”, “how?”
Our duality gives us a screen or inner-film used for conquering the inner evils we all face. Our outer-reality is where the personalities that we meet are not from the inner-self which are either created or inserted subliminally.  Subliminal characters are inserted with the use of storytelling in books or motion pictures.  Music has been known to magnify the story of a character making it more memorable for the receiver/person reading or watching a plot line.  Creative entities will often create personalities within personalities to ensure the blood line lives on in balanced duality.


*Our Master Wizard opens a story book.
‘The Hectic Eclectic…’ he reads,
“When fiction turns to reality.  When the blood apple turns to apple, apple.  Who is apple?  Who is blood? Who is gravity? Who is the sun?”
The crystal ball captures every word in every sense.
He continues by pointing to a subtitle that had manifested to the crystal ball stating ‘Earth 2016’.  The young squire is overly captivated while the crystal ball keeps rythm to the old wizards reading. ‘A man lay dormant in his bed conjuring spirit after spirit in the hopes of one day conjuring the selfless temple of a body that he once considered his.  He longed for the day to construct a pattern of long-lasting ties he once felt with in his peer group.  He no longer was part of a circle and he did not feel square in nature, his balance or level headedness was void of realness. The man became hermetic.’

‘… schizophrenic in C #.’ he set’s the book down, the crystal ball fades to darkness as the next scene is begins.

‘It was the daughter of Dracula Providence who eventually turned him from blood to water in a symbol of sacrifice and harmonious replenishment.  At first he was hesitant but the blood apple had given him strength to carry on in a significant stand against his will to die.  Family was his lesson.’

A script is an affirmation where to the wizards of Overture.  The man who comes from the white womb, also known as the man who lay dormant in his bed very much comes from a computer controlled society that he loathes!  He has much computer knowledge and one would say he is almost nerdy-oxy-moronic which is a term constructed by him for the soul-purpose of explaining himself to others. “If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it.” he would say.  To him a flat touch screen or computer screen is very much the same as a round crystal ball however, the administration panel to the rest of the universe seems to be disabled for the human populations.  Our wizards, on the other hand have never seen a disabled crystal ball, only covered or turned to glass for a short period of time until its next usage.  How could a man living in a white womb ever find himself a crystal ball worth keeping?  A crystal ball that could show him what he was to be before he was to be it!  His patience wore thin.  This technology and way of society was not his idea of the good life.
“It’s just stuff, it’s not the future.” He would think with ego as if to have a keen insight. Ranting and raving in his mind all day was all that he seemed to do.  Thoughts like, “All of this material filled with inspiration yet I can’t find a sacred enough pen to do its hand work!” Mutters, mutters, mutters… “Quiet like a wave.” and “Get out of my head” were common chant’s heard deep within his mind. “Who brings a tommy gun to a psy ball fight?” He could sit and think one liners all day and night until the metaphorical cows came home.  Why did he need so much word ammunition and what was his obsession with the connection between computer and crystal ball?  Cartoons? Magic? Folklore and mystical experiences?  He thought about the privatization of science from alchemy and what if one of the hacker cults could leak the plans to the mysterious crystal ball?

“Now that would be one thousand adventure buttons all lined up in a row!”  Master Wizard shouted closing the book stating… “A plot-line entitled, The Man from the White Womb.”  He gave a tap on the head with the book before retiring ordering “Get some rest.”

An Affirmation as a metaphor, ‘He is going home with it’.

The Musical Influences of Overture and the World Celebrations.
     Musical influences in overture are often created with the intellectual means of herding the masses toward the same plain of measurement in accordance to species and planetary/universal movements.  It seems the more you know about music and light then the more you are accepted in society.  A study of the self and relation to others is the main focus.
The musical influences of the world celebrations are geared towards the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, party mentality that can influence any spirit after departure from the life they used to know.  The focus of the musical influence is poineered by a need to sell the dream in order to take advantage of new comers  The promotion of personality trafficking causing mental illness to flourish when not quarantined by the Aegis runs rampant because of hysterical outputs of deceitful propaganda.  Improper teachings of the death cycle seem to be of some concern.

Evacuation Plans set by the Aegis of Conduct.
     Interpolated drop-ins of elite-entitiy-other-wise, not known to commoner realms. The scouting and the spreading of new ideas about beautiful places of solitude at pick-up points is a well-known tactic.  Higher levels of conduct seem to be on the brink of descent into misconduct as their ranks turn to cloaked militia style offences leaving a fog of war in their path.  Ripples of information are spread world-wide to calm the waves of offensive material.  The effort to remain as a medium prevails to be a strategy of success. (A medium outlet as a non-biased communication outlet system.  communication must remain Open in sustained rest which means stay relaxed and rest in peace, but please do speak, whisper, ghastly moan, whatever it is that you do to communicate.  Membership to the Aegis of Conduct is granted to every member of Overture being your primary frequency or state of mind.  This is done with confidence in mind to create a perfect Utopian society without discriminating against philosophical speakers specializing in the art of the mistake.  Repeat mistake offenders are directed to the frontlines as a conscription to learn of new conquest that will prepare them for re-integration back to Utopian standards of guided rule.  This conscription takes place whithin an instance and is comparative to the blink of an eye.

death and fear played as combo cards.
     A teaching by the Aegis known to release your fears of all that is evil if researched correctly.  If the cards are played against with a false teaching, a crisis point will be noted.

“There is no fear,  there is no death!” The Aegis of Conduct would preach defiantly. Every single day.  Unbeknownst and ignorant to the immortal Aegis of Conduct, new belief systems full of fear and death were being forged.

(Retrospect) We find the Master Wizard as a young squire about 13 or so with his young friend out in the westward field.
“Believe me!  You don’t want any part of the world celebrations, they’ve been haunting us since the days of old!” he shouted.
“Why not?” his young female friend named Sarah about eleven years old asked.
“They believe in death!” He replied.
“Death?” His young lady friend paused a very silent stare off into the cloud of alchemy behind her now known as death.
“Nevermind, it’s a myth.” The young wizard proclaimed.
“A myth you say? Myth’s are sometimes real!” She questioned his every tell.
“Nevermind!” He shouted.  “Let’s go, I’ll race you up the hill!”  They both gave a sigh and quickly scurried through the field and up the hill as the ever glooming cloud of the world celebrations crept into the distance.

Later on that evening at the dinner table of young Sarah’s hut with her auburn hair to her shoulders asks, “Mom, does death have anything to do with ascension?  I thought the families ascended years ago?”
“YES! Oh, who told you about death! That little brat, I’ll tell his parents!  Death is taboo Sarah.”

The Dunce Cap.
Dunce, noun.  A person who is slow at learning or, a stupid person.

The dunce cap was created by the elders of a lifetime ago in order to keep order.  Remember now, every mistake is documented and it isn’t common for an elder to wear one but every once in a while, it can happen.

Turbulence is known for a word to be a stressful environment Overturians use to describe what fear used to be called.  Mostly in the form of empathy they know that most turbulence came from the guilt bugs from the days of old.  Certainly, an easy fix now a’days.   “A dash of truth and a hint of amends will help us keep the guilt bugs away.’

“Like bark to a tree, his words were for him.”  See. Sarah points to her book, page 77.
“Put that away and eat up.” Mom replies.



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