Many Quote’s.

“I’ve been writing to control my substance abuse, it may be causing substance abuse”

“How am I suppose to write, if I can’t think about death.  I suppose life is the way to go.”

“Remember when a metaphor wasn’t an actual ocuring thought in vision?”

“How do we close up, if they keep reading us?”

“Six degrees of separation to coincide with six self pat’s on the back”

“Some spirited animals are so majestic, it can take days, months even years to remember seeing them.”

“The most enlightened joke award goes to Jesus Christ for,  blaspheme!”

“Keep stirrin’.”

“Don’t forget to sleep my little schizo-messeneger’s”

“Build from the bottom up if your dreams are tall.”

“There shouldn’t be any touch in extra-sensory-perception.  Only with your loved one’s.  Anything else is molestation.  Be a single player computer screen.”

“Intrepid Rhetorical Rhetoric.”

“Her DNA is that of a memory told like a story.”

“Beautifying!  It’s not me it’s the atoms.”

“I am my own father, body and mind.”

“Make like a book, make it write.  Fuck yea I made it, I made it right.”

“I’ve lived a bucket list full of lies and mercy.”

“The Earth will turn itself inside out when a Godly mass is summoned to the triangulation of our great mother spirit for the purpose of self defence.”

“A monologue for death.  For when I get there.  To be continued…”

“An animal does not smell the fear of it’s prey.  It smell’s the fear of not eating.  This is crucial in the art’s of creation and self-actualization.”

“Every day is today’s birthday!”

“Hurray!  Pancakes for today’s birthday present!”

“God?  Remember when I used to grow flowers out of my head.”

“I’ve been doing my laundry for daze.”

“Life is, but a dream.  who?”

“So out of body, so still in mind.”

“I have served with my time travelling grandfather in the longest war ever compiled.  Truth.” 

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