Lions In An Arena.

Constitutional Prizes.

A funny thing happens when a fight breaks out, everyone around has got to be a part of it unless officials are there of course.  When the political spokesmen of the Aegis confront leaders of the militia’s no longer recognized under a defensive kung-fu unit status it is often peaceful in a demonstration.  If a violent holy war should take place in the name of truth then all sides must remain in the arena until a compromise is uncovered.  The strongest face of truth is always granted peaceful ties and bonds to ensure a lasting connection to truth and knowledge.  This face is often accepted by every opposition in the end, after all, it is a constitution of collective spirit to a peaceful utopia.

The rules are simple.  Do not hold your will against another with intent to take any form of energy from them.  Treat others as you intend to be treated.  Fairtrade on every level is in order.  Equality above all else.  The Aegis of Conduct is an oath to the right of a fair hearing even in times of chaos.  This goes against the laws on earth that govern a nation to use force on another when at war.  Traditional laws in American policy arm rebel factions with traditional weapons other than the pen.  This is a pity!  Long live the pen! Long live life and long live peace!  Peaceful due-process even in anarchy! {reference, Anarchy as a means to teach equality… first chapter}

“Guns are a gateway drug to war! How do you expect our kids to learn crystal ball theory if they can’t get past the fear of a stray bullet from the world celebrations!” –Aegis of Conduct.  Quotes by the collective shield known to be the Aegis of Conduct are sanctioned with the sole purpose of the peace process in mind.  If a quote or likeness/personality/character of an enterprise is tampered with or does not follow the oath of conduct, then movements may be required to find the truth.  Nowhere does it say that you must apply a signature to your membership.  Your claim to the right of self-expression to defend your body, temple or place of worship in regards to land is confirmed.  Your temple is your mind, your body is the land that you were born into.

In memoir.
One battle was described as a baby regurgitating contest.  Only one gladiator was victorious.  Many battles later, yet another gladiator managed to bralf up a baby composition.  The two gladiators met many years later and shared this discussion.
“I did it out of rage.” One gladiator said.
“I did it out of ego because you did it first… and because I am tough!” Was the other’s rebuttal.  Everyone agreed the dialogue would be noted as they all went their separate ways into only God knows what other kinds of a plot.

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