Language Art.

A spot used in the creation of a public thought.   This chapter is what would seem to be a masterful let down of every fictional thought that wanted to be a truth.  It about sums up the nature of my rant’s as we delve through the personality and creativity behind the insane thoughts of me, Kev.   The writer, the musician, the poet, and a brag-smith of yesterday’s rising Sun.  He/I wanted to be a Jesus growing up.  I still find comfort in the anarchic-capitalist, christian atheist perspectives in my current time of writing this, 2016.  You might be thinking how is this possible and why would anyone combine such a clash of belief?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s basically a movement built towards the rebuilding and refreshing of our great temple known to be a human body.  Show me a Godly mass that speaks with a tongue and I will give up my crown.  Let’s try to keep this one local even though we’re using words like capitalism and the universe.

From the time we are young we are taught to entertain ourselves, our family members, the other kids at school, the cat, the dog, and just about any other living or non-living mate we can come to adore.  This is a driving source of inspiration also known to the capitalist’s as an Energy Consumption Unit or ECU for short.  I just made that up, they’re talking about you. You are more likely to be a number in their eyes. They want to turn us into mindless drones that do nothing but eat, sleep, poop, and conform to the media tides of the day.  Media tides being trends as in what people are talking about.  The buzz, if you will.  If they can successfully turn you and I into ECU’s for short then they can monopolize on everything that you have ever created since the time of birth including daydreams, fantasies, dreams, and bright ideas just by calling you a pixel of they’re entire net-worth.  It gives them the so called right to have interest into your personal life while remaining under insurance policies that protect them from civil-unrest and your own personal stress levels leaving you with no choice but to fold and in some cases, with very dramatic applause.  The use of energy manipulation on the population’s by professional’s with ‘vision’ is becoming more exploitative than ever with how the western media crisis is being handled.  The information sweeping the globe seems to be moving at a faster current than the mainstream movements of the larger self proclaimed governing bodies that only have interest in you so that you will buy their product.  This is a very unsafe way to live and I challenge you to challenge the system.       This is the perfect building block to enter into a conversation about anarchism and universal law which is in no way affiliated to an entity with the logo, brand of a God or higher state of being speaking justly in the course of historical events into right now as in a cooperate movement of amoeba like business structures.   Think about what you just read.  Is this Atheism?  Well yes, but if Christianity is hereditary and they do often say it is then this entire rant was all for stereotype and I’ve been voted out of Christianity due to some law forbidding a religious view to sway better judgement of a word like anarchy, law and a phrase like “don’t mix politics with religion” when the church themselves understand it more than an atheist, also stereotypical who debate and protest what they think to be a noble cause.  A cause with no word called god.  To me, this means no definition.  No description.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Does this make me an Atheist Christian?  Yes.  I do believe it does.  Have a capitalized on the self and dream by learning anarchism as a universal law?  Absolutely.  Do I feel equal with the knowledge contained in the last paragraph?  Yes, I can see through it.

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