Be A Leaf.

Created by Demagogue Swan in works with Overture and Crystal Ball Theory from the hosted mind of Kev Lambert (A Write) in practise of third eye materials.

     The world’s oldest operating system is known to have a few bugs.  These are mostly made up of the grammar variety as the world’s biggest operating system was written with symbols now known as words.  These grammar mistakes are futile when considering the conjured magic of such a bug.    Metaphor’s are mostly used in the fixing of grammar bug’s while mainstream technology is dead set on adding new symbol and imagery to the ever-growing database.

Crystal Ball Theory is the cornerstone to our tree system of art’s completing the imagery process for newer users being born into our eclectic abstract thought for an Earth.   While other beings are born directly into Havana or Heaven other patron’s must complete the screening process talked about in The Book Of Composition I.  This mean’s one can live a life alongside a dream or fantasy second sight.  Patrons born directly into Heaven have often already completed this process called faith and are meant to guide each other over to the other side of life.  The Crystal Ball is collected and contained by many member’s of a writer’s guild who often mess up each other’s stories simply by automatic writing each other into death.  When a collective becomes extremely connected something strange happens that is almost completely off the path from what the norm of society contends to be.  Thought bubbles and such would lead us to borderline mad/genius conclusions that nobody would have the time for anyway. A strange inverted earth story would then fill your head only to end up right back to where you started.

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