K. Fu. Crowley.

Kungfu of the undead.  A phenom-bodied particle eye in practice of an apocalyptic love gore time capsule.  A fear driven kungfu passed up from the depths of hell to reign over the broken-heart’d soldiers of now… Where ever that is.  They make use of their ability to scare the living shit out of many onlookers stunning them into shock as they begin to be sick.  This tactic is used to scare away any demons/non-believers of the undead.  Before battle, defensive measure’s are taken.  It is called for to remove the face of the undead soldier.  The bloody skull must be visible.  Crowley members have no feel for pain and are often given an opium supplement by the symbolic tearing of skin acting as a placebo.  The undead kungfu masters understand the importance of water so that in case they need to be juicy, the option is there.
“The undead kungfu use their skills in pursuit of undying love” – Master Spirit.
They believe that with extreme gore they can scare away souls unworthy to seek them.  Only the most enlightened undead are chosen for Crowley status dead.  Which means, immediate preparations into rituals regarding plans to marry in death.
Love worship, not satan worship.


‘I’d give my body for you’ – the Ginger Queen Adventures.

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